Boost Engagement with YouTube B-Roll Videos 


YouTube Broll videos can transform your video from bland to engaging and exceptional. However, using B-roll for YouTube videos isn’t exactly straightforward. You’ll need to draw out a plan, play with angles, shoot as much content as possible, and seamlessly integrate the B-roll footage with your A-roll clips while editing.

Tired of making bland and monotonous videos? YouTube B-roll videos might be just what you need to add that extra spice to your footage.  

The competition on YouTube is getting stiffer, and viewers are getting pickier. They aren’t just looking for entertainment or information anymore, they want something more. Your viewers want to click on your thumbnail and be taken on a captivating journey; cue in, B-rolls.  

But what is YouTube B-roll, and how can you use it to boost audience engagement? This post answers these questions thoroughly.  

What Are YouTube B-Roll Videos? 

B-rolls are secondary video clips or footage used to compliment your A-rolls. They’re extra bits of film that provide viewers with different perspectives and help them become more immersed in your content.  

What is an A-roll? 

A-roll is your main footage. It contains the essential information you’re trying to communicate and usually has the original sound source of your content. 

Using B-roll for YouTube videos helps you provide extra context and break up large chunks of information. It also improves the cinematography of your video, making it more creative and engaging to watch.  

6 Ways to Enhance Audience Engagement with YouTube B-rolls 

We’ve established that YouTube B-rolls can spice up your videos and make them more engaging. But how do you boost audience engagement using YouTube b-roll? I’ve found that these 6 points below will help you.  

1.    Draw Out a Plan for YouTube B-rolls

The first thing you want to do when integrating a B-roll into your video is to plan the kind of shots you’d like to take.  

Write down all the ideas you have concerning this video. This should include the direction you want your video to go, the kind of footage you want to shoot, and the sequence you want your clips to follow. 

It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out from the start, but it’s good that you have at least an idea of what you want the final video to look like. Also include shoot times (some shots are better taken just after sunrise or before sunset) and locations in your plan. 

A proper plan will save you time and help you focus on the creative process once you start shooting. 

You can also choose to download some footage. But note that, depending on where you download your B-roll, YouTube might flag your video for copyright infringement. I suggest using royalty-free stock videos. 

2.    Ensure Your Camera Is Stable While Shooting

To get the best YouTube B-roll footage, your camera has to be stable while you shoot. A shaky camera takes away from the quality of your B-roll. More importantly, unstable B-roll shots are distracting and reduce, instead of enhancing, the quality of your YouTube video.  

For the best shots, consider using a gimbal, tripod, or monopod instead of holding your camera or phone with your hands.  

3.    Shoot as Much Content as Possible  

There’s no such thing as too much content in the school of B-rolls. Take as many shots as possible!  You never know which particular moment will come in handy. An effective way to achieve this is to keep the camera rolling between takes of your original footage (A-roll). If you feel like you don’t have enough content, shoot more!  

As a YouTube creator, it’s better to err on the side of too much video footage than too little. Even if you do not use the footage for this particular video, it might come in handy when you’re creating another project.   

4.    Experiment with Different Angles

B-rolls are all about creativity. When shot properly, they can add a level of depth, context, and emotional connection to your video.  

However, if all your B-rolls are taken from one perspective or in one manner, your video will soon become tiring and bland, and viewer engagement will dwindle. So, don’t just capture lots of footage for your YouTube B-roll, experiment with different angles and types of shots. 

Aside from taking wide shots, medium shots, and close-ups, you should also try the following camera angles: 

  • Dutch Angle: Tilt your camera to signify tension or disorientation.  
  • Low Angle: This emphasizes size and depth and is achieved by capturing the object from below.  
  • High Angle: Usually shot from above. It gives an overview of the scene but can also emphasize vulnerability.  
  • Over-the-shoulder: This is good for capturing reactions but can also add depth and perspective.  

5.    Zoom in on the Details  

Keep your viewers engaged by leveraging details like patterns, textures, colors, compositions, and lighting.  

Zooming in on these details makes your B-rolls more visually appealing. They also lend some depth and give your videos a more professional appeal. 

For the best kind of footage, avoid lighting mistakes like overexposed areas and harsh shadows.  

6.    Edit Your B-roll for a Seamless Flow

Take your time editing; I cannot emphasize this enough. B-rolls make your video more interesting, but poorly edited B-rolls do the exact opposite.  

Your B-roll and A-roll footage should flow seamlessly into each other.  

Here are some editing tips: 

  1. Experiment with different transition techniques.  
  1. Avoid awkward jump cuts. Use B-rolls to cover up for time-lapses and back-to-back cuts that come too fast.  
  1. Pay attention to how your B-roll clips flow in and about your A-roll footage. B-roll clips are meant to enhance your video, not overshadow it.   


Can I Use B-Rolls for All My YouTube Videos? 

You can incorporate B-rolls into most YouTube videos. However, there are a few cases when using a B-roll in your YouTube video may not be the best option. For example, if you have limited time to pass across valuable information in your video, adding a B-roll might serve as a distraction, leaving your audience more confused than engaged.  

How Does B-Roll Enhance My YouTube Videos? 

B-roll for YouTube videos helps you hide edits and clumsy transitions; it can also help you paste your transitions, incorporate storytelling, and provide context and visual aids. Incorporating B-rolls into your videos also gives you some flexibility while editing. 

How Do I Get Free B-Roll Footage for YouTube? 

You can get free B-roll YouTube footage from sites like Pixabay, Videezy, and Pexels. These sites provide YouTube B-roll footage that you can use without getting flagged by the YouTube copyright match tool. 

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Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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