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Discover the freedom of viewing Instagram stories anonymously with our Instagram Story Viewer. This tool helps you to view content from any public account without compromising your privacy your identity.
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What is Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer is a free tool that you can view stories of active accounts anonymously.  

It allows you to view any accounts’ stories privately by just entering the name of that person or page without showing your personal information.

If you are curious about a person and you want to check their stories without letting them know, this Instagram story tool is perfect for you!  Additionally, if you’re looking to make your own stories more visible or enhance your profile’s appeal, you might want to consider the option to buy Instagram likes.

How to Use Views4You Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram story viewer is easy to use. 

  • Write the username or the Instagram account’s URL on the given box. 
  • Press the ‘search’ button. 
  • You can now view the stories.

You can also use our tool as ‘Instagram Story Downloader’ to download the Instagram story of the user. However, one thing to know is that the account you want to view must be public. If you try to view any private account, it will not be allowed by Instagram’s terms of service. In the pursuit of maximizing your reach and ensuring your stories garner significant attention, you may also want to buy Instagram followers to grow your audience base effectively.

Instagram Story Viewer Features

Enormous features that you can benefit from:   

  • View Instagram Story Anonymously: You can keep your privacy safe while viewing Instagram stories. Your name and details will be hidden and you don’t need to have an Instagram account to do that.  
  • No Membership & No Identification Details: The tool is very easy and user-friendly. You can simply view stories without signing up on the page.  
  • Completely Free: The tool is absolutely free and you can use it anytime and anywhere.  
  • No Proof! No Sign: You can view an Instagram story anonymously without leaving any name details to the user. 
  • HQ Downloader: It allows you to download Instagram stories in high-quality fast and easy with this tool. Simply click on download and save stories fast. 

Benefits of Using Our Instagram Viewer Tool

Our Instagram Viewer Anonymously Tool offers you an enjoying journey while you use it. Feel free to take advantage of our tool’s benefits when you view Instagram story anonymously. 

Secret Browsing

You can watch Instagram stories without your identity by using our “view Instagram story anonymously” function. It’s ideal for viewing Instagram secretly, allowing users to keep their privacy. 

Access to the Whole

You don’t have an Instagram account, or Instagram is banned in your region? Not to worry! Access the stories of your favorite Instagram accounts with just one click by using our Instagram story viewer! 

Privacy is Respected

You may be sure that the anonymous watcher will keep no record of your Instagram user information. This is particularly useful when viewing stories from personal accounts. You can browse in peace knowing that we don’t jeopardize your Instagram data. 

Easy Ways to Share

Save your favorite stories before they expire so you may watch them later or share them with loved ones. Numerous gadgets, including Android and iOS phones and Mac laptops, are totally compatible with our service. 


Here you can see frequently asked questions commonly.

Private accounts cannot be viewed due to Instagram Terms of Service. Our Instagram story viewer tool respect the user privacy so it doesn’t let people to view private stories or accounts. You can only view accounts  contents that are publicly open 

  • Views4You Instagram story viewer lets you view stories anonymously. You can easily search and view any profile with our tool. 
  • Our tool Instagram Story Viewer lets you check and view Instagram stories anonymously without showing your details to the page owner.  
  • Instagram stories can be viewed anonymously on our Instagram viewer tool. You can easily enter the name of the person in the search part and watch it.

You don’t have to get into Instagram application to view any pages. All you need is the name of the page you wish to check. Simply go on our Instagram story viewer and enter the name. You can now enjoy viewing your favorite account profiles. 

One thing to remember is if you want to view the same stories over and over it is recommended that you download them on your device because the stories expire within 24 hr.  

Absolutely!!! You can view stories on İphone, Android and iMac computers and laptops anonymously. Our tool is designed perfectly to be used on any devices. Simply go on website and start searching 

Instagram story viewer tool is completely free for users to use. No membership, no subscriptions and no payments! 

It is free, anonymous and easy to use. 

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