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Maximize your video’s SEO potential with Views4You’s powerful and precise YouTube Rank Tracker tool across your entire YouTube channel. Gain an edge over the competition by easily monitoring video rankings on the second-largest search engine results page and discovering the estimated views of your videos compared to the competition. Rank your YouTube videos higher and maximum engagement with your channel fast and safely. 


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Boost your YouTube presence with Views4You's YouTube Rank Tracker! Write your search term, enter your video URL, and pick the country you want results. After click “Search”, watch as the tool effortlessly tracks its ranking across different countries. With each click, gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape, tailor your strategy, and get ready to elevate your views to new heights.

How to Use Views4You’s YouTube Rank Tracker Tool? 

YouTube video rank tracker tool offers a simple and effective way to enhance your online presence. Additionally, it allows you to track weekly changes in YouTube rankings and discover the highest-ranking videos in your niche. This feature is particularly useful for staying ahead of the competition and understanding trends in video popularity. 

Let’s learn how to use the best online YouTube rank tracker: 

Write Your Main Search Term to Reach the Best Analysis 

When initiating your search on a YouTube rank tracker, the first step is to input your main keyword or search term. This keyword serves as the foundation for tracking and analyzing the performance of your videos on the platform. By selecting a relevant and targeted keyword, you can gain valuable insights into your YouTube rankings, monitor your progress, and make informed decisions to optimize your content strategy for better visibility and engagement.  

As an example, let’s use “how to meditate” as the search term. 

Pick a Country to Get Info on Your YouTube Video Performance 

You have the option to select a specific country to view the traffic for your video. The list includes a wide array of countries, offering you a comprehensive view of your video’s global reach. By choosing a country, you can gain valuable insights into how your content is performing in different regions, which is essential for tailoring your strategy to various audiences. This feature is a powerful tool for understanding and maximizing your video’s impact worldwide.  

Let’s pick the United States; 

To obtain diverse results, you can choose to select a different country, such as Sweden, when using the best YouTube video rank tracker. By changing the location, you can analyze how your videos perform in specific regions and tailor your content strategy accordingly. This feature allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your global audience and optimize your content to reach viewers in various geographical areas. 

Enter Your Video’s URL to Obtain Specific Data 

For quick and comprehensive insights into a content’s global YouTube ranking, simply copy and paste the video’s URL into the designated space. This convenient feature allows you to instantly access essential information about the video’s performance and its position in the YouTube rankings.  

Let’s enter a video URL related to the meditation niche: 

Whether you’re tracking your own content or analyzing competitors, this free tool streamlines the process of gathering valuable data to inform your video strategy. 

Click “Search” to See the Detailed Results 

This simple action will give you instant access to a wealth of information about the video’s performance on a global scale. Understanding these metrics is crucial for analyzing trends, viewer preferences, and overall impact, which can greatly assist in enhancing your content strategy or evaluating the success of others’ videos.   

With Views4You’s online YouTube Rank Tracker, you can discover how your videos perform in any country – including the highly competitive USA market. 

With a simple click of the “Search” button, you’ll get instant insight into your video’s ranking data on its page. It will show you where it stands currently, and data from the last time you checked will also be displayed. 

Moreover, it will give you the ranking order of all videos with the same keyword on YouTube. 

Examine The Results to Improve Your YouTube Channel 

Views4You’s YouTube Rank Tracker is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to boost their channel’s performance. It provides detailed analytics on various critical aspects of your videos.  

Here’s a breakdown of the details you can expect: 

  1. Position and Rank: Understand where your videos rank on YouTube’s search results pages, both globally and in specific countries.
  2. Views: Track the total number of views to gauge the popularity and reach of your content.
  3. Likes and Comments: Measure audience engagement by examining the number of likes and comments your videos receive.
  4. Video Length: Analyze the length of your videos to identify what duration keeps your audience engaged the longest.
  5. Available Locations: See the geographical distribution of your viewership, allowing you to target content more effectively to different regions.
  6. Subtitles: Assess the impact of subtitles on attracting a global audience by making your content accessible to non-native speakers.

By leveraging the YouTube Rank Tracker, you can fine-tune your content strategy with precision. This tool gives you a comprehensive view of your YouTube channel’s performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to increase your visibility and engagement on the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Views4You’s YouTube Rank Tracker is a tool designed to help you monitor and improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube. It allows you to track your video’s position on YouTube’s search results page and compare its performance with your competitors.

By using this tool, you can gain insights into the ranking of your videos for specific search terms. This information helps in optimizing your video content for better visibility and engagement on YouTube. 

Absolutely. The tool provides an option to select a specific country, giving you insights into how your content is performing regionally and helping you tailor your strategy to diverse audiences. 

To use the tool, simply enter your search term in the preferred language, select the country you are interested in, and enter the URL of your video. After clicking the “Search” button, you will receive immediate insights into your video’s ranking. 

The tool provides information about your video’s current ranking, the ranking of other videos with similar keywords. Plus, you can see the other related metrics such as total, views, likes, comments of your video.  

Yes, by showing the ranking of other videos with the same keywords, it allows for a direct comparison with competitors, offering a strategic advantage. 

Yes, with its ability to track video performance in different countries and languages, it is well-suited for global market analysis. 

The tool allows for regular monitoring, including weekly updates on YouTube rank changes, enabling you to stay updated with your video’s performance.