How to Fix Instagram Copyright Issue and Prevent  


How to Fix Instagram Copyright Issue

  • Appeal and Reconsideration: Click on “Appeal” in the email or notification from Instagram, provide evidence, and wait for a response.
  • Mention the Author and Source: Always credit the music’s creator and source in your posts to adhere to copyright laws.
  • Get Permission: Contact the music owner directly via email or Instagram for permission to use their work.
  • Use Royalty-Free Music: Choose music that is labeled as royalty-free to avoid copyright complications.
  • Modify Music: Adjust the pitch or speed of the music to make it less recognizable to copyright detection systems.
  • Credit in the Caption: Give proper credit to the music creator in your post’s caption.

Instagram is such a popular and crowded social media platform that millions of people share videos and photos every day. Therefore, you are rather likely to run into a copyright problem. It is quite usual to experience this kind of situation but do not worry!  Learn how to fix Instagram copyright issue and how to take precautions before it happens.  

Instagram pays real and serious attention to safety. Also, Instagram pays attention to creating a safe environment for everyone. It is their responsibility to make a respectable platform. Otherwise, Instagram might not be that popular. 

So, what is copyright violation? You might violate copyright when you post content without the permission of the original creator. A quick reminder: Not only is music copyrighted but also it can be images and videos. 

If this is the case, Instagram may realize your content is not original but belongs to someone else. So, your content violates Instagram’s copyright policies. 

So, at this point, you might wonder what happens if your unoriginal content is noticed. Here’s what happens: You get an email from Instagram informing about this situation. And Instagram removes your content.  

Still, do not worry and let’s put negativity aside and learn how to fix the Instagram copyright issue. 

Oppose the Decision 

If your content is removed because of a copyright issue and you believe there is a mistake in this situation, you can deny Instagram’s decision.  

For instance, you believe that your content is under fair use. Just follow these simple steps to learn how to fix Instagram copyright issue: 

  • Go to the notification or email about the copyright issue. 
  • Click on the “Appeal” or “Request Review” link.  
  • It would be best to be ready to support your case to guarantee the removal of the copyright issue. Therefore, collect your evidence. You can show proof of your right to use the content. Provide only accurate information.  
  • Wait for Instagram’s response. Your case will be forwarded to the copyright owner. If the owner exceeds the time limit to respond, Instagram may restore your content. 

It the appeal works because your content seems to be under fair use, congrats! Follow these easy steps to learn how to fix Instagram copyright issue more by exploring how to prevent it before it happens. 

It is smart to take some measures beforehand to prevent this kind of annoying problem. There are some ways to avoid this unwanted situation. You can secure your posts from copyright issue.  

Always check your content to be safe to publish. It should be suitable for Instagram. Here are some ways to prevent Instagram copyright issues: 

1. Create Your Content 

Create your own original content. Yes, this is the most secure way to prevent copyright issues. 

In that way, you gain ownership of the content you post and eliminate the risks of wasting your time on this problem.  

Additionally, by creating your unique content, you do not only prevent future problems and secure your posts but also gain the trust of your followers. 

2. Request Permission to Use 

This is the correct way to use someone else’s work both ethically and legally. Get in touch with the content creator directly through Instagram DMs or email. In that way, you legally use the content with the creator’s permission. It is very important to contact them directly. Politely request to use their music and then, add a proper credit to them.  

In that way, enjoy sharing your content without worrying about future issues! 

The other safest and easiest way to prevent this problem is to ensure that your content is always original. Use royalty-free music and images to avoid copyright issues. 

Numerous websites provide free music and images. Or you can simply use Instagram’s own music library to be sure about your content’s originality. To easily access this library in your stories, just tap the music sticker and choose one of the options. 

Additionally, if you believe you are a creative person or are already interested in music, you can create your own original music that you have the right to use. There are free tools available for beginners to create their own sound. 

Moreover, you can purchase licenses for the content you want to use. 

4. Give Credit to the Owner 

If you really need to use someone else’s content and already got their permission to use it, you must give them proper credit in your captions. You should appreciate and respect the original creator. 

Also, you can use your giving credit in the captions as evidence to support your appeal in the future, if you have any problem. 

5. Make Small Changes in Music 

If you want to use other people’s sounds, you might instead make adjustments to prevent a copyright problem. 

By changing the sound, the system may have a hard time noticing there is a copyright issue. This is an easy way to apply.  

However, this way is not the most reliable way to secure your posts but it’s an alternative option if you are decisive about using the music. Or you may not have found another way to avoid a copyright issue. 


What happens if Instagram rejects my appeal? 

You made an appeal thinking there was a mistake, but your appeal was rejected. This could happen but do not worry because you still have options. You can directly talk with the owner to fix this issue. Agreeing with them makes Instagram put the post up again. 

How can I secure my posts from copyright infringement? 

The best way is to create original content. If you need to use someone else’s post, get permission first. Also, according to Instagram’s policies, you should verify your usage is under fair use or public domain.  

What happens after I submit my appeal to Instagram? 

After you file a copyright report, you’ll get an automated email with your report details and a unique report number. Keep this number handy for future reference. Instagram might then request further information. Use your professional email because the owner might contact you. 

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