Most Advanced Instagram Bot InstaLifter by Views4you

InstaLifter empowers you to rapidly and securely grow your Instagram presence, boost organic engagement, and connect with a broad audience with the world’s most advanced Instagram management tool for the Instagram bot.



Instagram Auto Follow and Unfollow
Instagram Auto Follow and Unfollow features use bots to manage your Instagram account more efficiently. Instagram automation tool manages to follow requests in mass, either accepting or rejecting them. These bots also automatically follow other users based on various criteria, like engagement on posts or using specific hashtags. The Instagram Auto Unfollow feature enables you to automatically unfollow users by selecting specific accounts, unfollowing those not following you back, and even canceling pending follow requests, all with just a few clicks.
Multiple Account Management and Stats
InstaLifter offers you unlimited Instagram account management with a single license. You can purchase the license for any period and operate with unlimited Instagram accounts. Moreover, with InstaLifter, you can record every time you log in and save every activity you do with posts, stories, and follower numbers since day one to track Instagram growth and development.
Automatically Follow/ Like Your Instagram Target Audience
Instagram's target audience is essential for each account to succeed with its online presence. With InstaLifter, you get to filter the gender, age, or even location of your audience. This will help your account perform better and boost your algorithm. This Instagram bot can automatically operate to give you the desired audience and impress the algorithm.
Spy Account Feature
With spy account managing, you can operate with accounts that have blocked you or anonymous account users you do not prefer to follow. You can activate it as a feature, and the spy account makes everything you do. Every procedure is made with the account you have logged in.
Automatically Schedule and Share your Posts
You can easily schedule all the posts or stories you want to share on your Instagram account at the time you want and stop that automatically whenever you want. Moreover, you can have all the operations you want at the time you want, and when it is done, you can get it on repeat.
Proxy + Android Device
You can choose the IP you want to operate using IPv4 and IPv6 proxy support. All these operations are made with the latest version of an Android device, reproduced by a virtual Android device that mimics every procedure taken. This device's ID, SIM number, and IMEI number are totally unique.
Security Support Team
The relationship between InstaLifter and your Instagram account is created through a secure 2048-bit SSL that gives you instant verification. This protects your password from bad intentional users, so it will technically be impossible to be recorded on our servers.
Usage of ChatGPT
Instagram bots can utilize artificial intelligence through the ChatGPT infrastructure to automatically generate comments related to specific posts. Leverage ChatGPT artificial intelligence to generate unique Instagram descriptions in your desired language and settings.
Ig Follower Export Tool
An Instagram Follower Export Tool is designed to extract followers or following lists from Instagram using different filters such as different locations, gender, or age. Moreover, with Ig follower export tool, you can extract user profiles, including followers and following counts, phone numbers, emails, or biographies. Ig follower export tool can be used for various purposes, such as research, marketing, or personal interest.
Instagram Post Download
Instagram management tool can download content from other users, posts you've encountered, posts associated with a particular hashtag (#hashtag), and location-based posts. This includes reels, videos from selected users, posts using direct Instagram links, and even stories, including highlights, all in their highest quality, to save on your computer.

Operations with Instagram Automation Tool, Instalifter

Instagram bots are code or software programs designed to interact with the Instagram platform and perform various tasks automatically. These bots can provide additional features and automation to help Instagram users grow their Instagram accounts or manage their activities more efficiently. Here are some common uses and functionalities of Instagram bots:

Automatically Instagram Follow Tool

  • Instagram bots can manage incoming follow requests to your profile as a group by removing or approving them all at once. Instagram auto follow can also send individual private messages to the users you accept.
  • The Instagram bot providers follow accounts that follow other users automatically, those who are followers themselves, those who engage with Instagram users’ posts by liking or commenting, those who like comments on users’ posts, users in discovery, and users who recently shared content using a specific hashtag (#hashtag) or location. All this through Instagram bots.
  • Follow back all the Instagram accounts that follow you first.

Automatically Instagram Unfollow Tool

  • You have the option to automatically unfollow users you are currently following.
  • Instagram bots can promptly unfollow the individuals you choose by crafting your own list.
  • It’s possible to unfollow users who aren’t following you with just one click.
  • You can cancel your pending follow requests in a batch.

Instagram Automatic Comments

  • You are able to leave comments on any posts that appear on your homepage, regardless of whether they are listed in the default order or arranged from new to old. With our enhanced Instagram management tool, you can be the first to comment on the shared content.
  • You are able to provide Instagram bot comments on posts found in your discovery feed, reels videos, posts associated with specific hashtags (#hashtag), and posts from specific locations, focusing on the most recent additions.
  • Instagram bots can comment on all posts where Instagram users have been tagged.
  • You can instantly like all comments left on your posts and respond to them as you see fit.
  • You have the flexibility to continuously comment on a post linked to your interests. This way, you can actively participate in contests and collaborate with other users by tagging them collectively.

Automatically Instagram Photo Liker

  • You have the option to like the posts on your homepage, whether they are in their default order or arranged from most recent to oldest.
  • Instagram photo liker has the feature to like the content in your discovery, reels videos, posts with specific tags (#hashtag), and locations by focusing on the most recent posts.
  • You are free to like the most recent posts of other users as many times as you wish and participate in like-oriented communities.
  • It’s possible to like all posts in which users have been mentioned.
  • You can access a list of all the posts you’ve liked and remove your likes from any of them.
  • Instagram bots can also access a list of all the posts you’ve saved and discontinue saving any of them.
  • You have the ability to directly view the users who have expressed their liking or disliking of a post.
  • You can easily like the most recent posts shared by the users you follow using tracking tools.

Deletion of Instagram Followers and Blocking Accounts

  • Instagram bots can remove multiple followers you don’t want, including Instagram bot followers linked to your account and users who don’t engage with your content.
  • You can also block all the users you’ve added, either as a group or individually, all at once.

Private Message Procedures

  • You have the option to send mass text messages and direct posts on Instagram to the users you have chosen.
  • It’s possible to schedule automated text messages or image posts for users who follow you.
  • You can set up automatic responses to private messages you receive tailored to the content of the incoming messages.
  • You can infuse personality into your responses when handling private messages received through ChatGPT.
  • You have access to view both your inbox and pending message queue through the Instagram bot tool.
  • You can automate the approval or deletion of messages in your pending queue.
  • Deleting messages from your inbox can be done individually or in mass.
  • You can initiate conversations with any desired user directly from your inbox.

Auto Post to Instagram

  • You can auto-post to Instagram reels, albums, shared posts, and stories with ease.
  • Tag groups of users when sharing stories.
  • Use the Repost feature to instantly share posts instantly on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts.
  • Share stories directly on TikTok or YouTube Shorts through the Story Repost feature.
  • Schedule TikTok or YouTube Shorts posts, including advanced scheduling options for posts, reels, albums, stories, and links.
  • Share a collection of images and videos from a folder on your computer with customized descriptions.
  • Browse through and like the stories of users on your homepage or those you’re interested in, all in one go.
  • Initiate live broadcasts from your computer with OBS support.
  • Perform bulk updates or deletions of descriptions on your posts.
  • Mass delete or archive your posts.
  • Restore or unarchive posts that were previously deleted in large quantities.
  • Manage likes on your posts collectively and enable or disable comments.

Automated Interaction Procedures

  • Instagram bots can enable fully automated engagement using just one tool.
  • You can automate various interactions by setting up scenarios, like reciprocating follows, liking numerous recent posts, viewing their stories, giving likes to their stories, engaging with their comments, or sending private messages, depending on the interactions you receive. This includes actions such as being followed, having your posts liked, receiving comments on your posts, or being tagged in a post.

List of Operations

  • Instagram bots have the option to bookmark various types of users on the platform, including those who follow you, those whom you follow, those who mention you in their posts, users you’ve discovered, users who share content with specific hashtags and locations, users with specific voice preferences, users who like your posts, and users who comment on your posts.
  • It’s possible to store publicly available phone numbers and email addresses found in the profiles of users who use hashtags and mention specific locations in their posts.
  • Instagram bots can save the most active users whose usernames include specific keywords you’re interested in.
  • You have the ability to save all users who have sent you messages or with whom you’ve exchanged messages.
  • Users who have viewed your story can be saved for reference.
  • You can save users who engage with you frequently.
  • You can choose to keep a record of either your least interactive followers or the users you follow with whom you interact the least.
  • Instagram bots can remove invalid users from your received or downloaded lists and make edits to the user lists using available tools.
  • With the Cloud List feature, you can create and easily share lists with other InstaLifter users. If desired, you can add a password for extra security.

Extra Procedures

  • Instagram bots toggle your profile between being visible or hidden.
  • You can update your profile picture.
  • You can modify the biography on your profile.
  • Instagram bots add, remove, or edit links on your profile.
  • Notifications can be viewed instantly in small pop-up windows in the lower right corner.
  • You can manage your close friend list by adding, removing, or updating users.
  • During all interactions, you can apply various criteria such as excluding private or public users, excluding male or female users, excluding those who follow you or those who don’t, excluding users you follow or don’t follow, excluding users whose last post was made X hours ago, and setting specific limits for the number of posts, followers, and follows. This allows you to fine-tune your preferences.
  • You can stay in compliance with Instagram’s current rules and limits by using InstaLifter.