Super Thanks YouTube: Comprehensive Guide


With the Super Thanks YouTube feature, you can send $2, $5, $10, or $50 to your favorite YouTubers!

Wondering what the YouTube Super Thanks feature is?

This comprehensive guide will provide how to activate the feature and what the eligibility availability requirements are. Plus, we’ll share tips to enhance your YouTube channel’s Super Thanks!

What Is YouTube Super Thanks?

In 2021, YouTube introduced the Super Thanks feature within the YouTube Partner Program. It was designed to provide additional tips for the content creators who enlisted in the YPP.

YouTube Super Thanks works relatively easily. Imagine just uploading content, which your viewers enjoy watching. Your viewers can now appreciate your content by hitting the button of the Super Thanks, which leads to the ‘’tipping’’ section. There are different amounts that they can choose from. Once the viewers decide on the tip and send it, an animated gift will appear for them in the video they just ‘’Super Thanks’’.

Furthermore, YouTube will allow a customized and very colorful comment option for the viewer who tipped the video. This is a shoutout to both the content creator and the viewer. For the content creator, others can see the video got Super Thanks, and for the viewer, the person can stand out as a superfan among the others.

There are lots of reasons to enable the YouTube Super Thanks feature;

  • Everybody likes to earn more.
  • You can use it to identify your most devoted followers on YouTube.
  • Unlike Super Stickers and Super Chats, this feature is available for videos too, not just for the live streams.

Super Thanks: Eligibility Requirements

Like every other monetization feature, Super Thanks YouTube also has its requirements. Here are the requirements to be eligible for Super Thanks YouTube.

  1. First, membership in the YouTube Partner Program is a must like any other monetization from YouTube. All the requirements of the Program such as having 500 subscribers or at least 4000 hours of watch are mandatory.
  2. Service terms, community guidelines, and all of the YouTube policies must be followed by the channel.
  3. Under the agreement called Sound Recording Audio Visual, your channel must not be a music channel.
  4. Lastly, you need to dwell in an eligible country.

You may wonder which countries are eligible for the Super Thanks YouTube feature. Here is the full list;

So far, these are common rules and regulations you need to follow if you hoping to earn an income from YouTube. Furthermore, there are specific rules for this feature alone. If your channel;

  • not a regular video content (Premiere & live stream)
  • Under the unlisted section
  • A private video
  • Age-restricted video
  • Linked to a fundraiser
  • Has Content ID claims

Then you cannot enlist and benefit from Sper Thanks YouTube.

How to Activate Super Thanks YouTube

This feature isn’t enabled automatically. Anyone hoping to benefit from this feature needs to activate it. Wonder how? Let’s head to the YouTube Studio then.

1. Enter YouTube, then head to the YouTube Studio section on YouTube. You can just enter ‘’’’ to directly go to the section.

2. Click the ‘’Earn’’ section in the left menu.

3. Pick the ‘’Supers’’ section and scroll until you pinpoint the Super Thanks.

After you enable the feature, your viewers can send Super Thanks to your videos. When you enable Super Thanks YouTube, a heart icon will appear within your videos.

Tips for Getting More YouTube Super Thanks

Well, the requirements and activation of the Super Thanks are given above. By following them, you can easily enlist and activate this feature. Hence, a more important question might pop up; how to get these Super Thanks from your viewers?

Actually, the platform provides solid tips for increasing your Super Thanks numbers. Hence, the main points are simple, interact with your viewers, thank them, convey gratefulness, and ultimately create a strong bond between the channel and viewers.

How to do it? Here are the six tips from YouTube itself on boosting your Super Thanks number. When it comes from the platform itself, you need to take notes.

1. Give an answer to every single Super Thanks

Viewers are not bots; they are actual human beings. Therefore, they love to feel appreciated, especially by their most-liked YouTubers. Reply to their comments, interact with them, and the Super Thanks will follow.

2. Pin a YouTube comment

Pinning the comment means that you are well aware of your Super viewers, and acknowledge them. Even if some of those accounts are private, they feel honored by the gesture.

3. Salute to your dedicated admirers on your videos

By the beginning or the last part of your video, shout out to the Super Thanks viewers of your channel. Interaction and appreciation are the best ways to get more Super Thanks, and a shoutout to those who send it could potentially return as many more Super Thanks as possible.

4. Appreciate your Super Thanks people on the community tab

The community tab is a perfect place for communication. Be sincere in the communication process with your viewers.

5. You may directly ask your subscribers to give a Super Thanks

Well, this approach may seem direct, but it will provide two things. First, it will encourage more of your fans to buy Super Thanks. Second, it will help you to discover which of your videos they cherish the most.

6. Be Super Transparent

Show your viewers that their Super Thanks spend for shooting better videos. They will be much more willing to contribute once they feel the money, and their donations are spent for them.

Ultimately, getting more Super Thanks solely depends on your relationship with your viewers. Appreciate them, so they can appreciate your channel.


Is it possible to activate Super Thanks YouTube from an ineligible country?

Sadly no, if you live in a country that is ineligible for the Super Thanks feature, there are no ‘’legal’’ ways to benefit from the feature.

Is it possible to get Super Thanks without enlisting the YouTube Partner Program?

Like every other monetization feature, the first requirement of the Super Thanks feature is enlisting the YouTube Partner Program.

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