Should I Create a YouTube Channel? 9 Benefits


YouTube’s diverse features for creators – such as fair algorithm promotion, long-term video value, and in-depth analytics – help create a sustainable career online. The platform’s accessibility, monetization tools, and copyright protection also offer creators the opportunity to create influential communities and successful businesses around their content

If you’ve been thinking of creating a YouTube channel, you may be wondering if the effort it takes is worth it. YouTube is a very competitive space, and building a successful channel is not a quick and easy task. It requires a lot of patience, interest, and talent.  

Yet, the chances of succeeding in building a popular YouTube channel are immense. In this article, I’ll clarify the nine reasons why it is worth starting your YouTube channel this year. 

1. YouTube Algorithm Supports Small Channels 

The fact that YouTube does not solely depend on the subscriber base or viewing history of your channel is one of the most alluring advantages of YouTube. The YouTube algorithm is intended to display relevant and engaging content for users of any size channel. This means that your videos have a chance to be recommended and discovered by a larger audience. 

Using the YouTube algorithm to your advantage is possible only if your content is high-quality and valuable all the time. The more subscribers and views your channel gains, the algorithm acknowledges your content as worth promoting. This could later result in a snowball effect, where your channel will have continuous growth in popularity and subscribers over time. 

2. YouTube Videos Outlast Other Platforms 

Compared to other social media platforms where content is constantly buried and forgotten, YouTube videos can stay longer among people. It might take a lot of time for your videos to stop generating views and engagement years after the publications have been made. This is especially true for making content that is evergreen like tutorials. This also could be educational videos that will remain relevant and useful to viewers. 

The longevity of YouTube videos allows you to build a library of content that can continue to attract new viewers. This also drives traffic to your channel. When your video journal is getting larger, there are more ways to interact with the audience members, create brand awareness, and monetize your content with the help of different YouTube tools. 

3. YouTube Analytics Serves You Much Information 

Users of YouTube may leverage a plethora of data and analytics the platform offers as a tool. YouTube’s analytics dashboard is loaded with comprehensive insights that you can use to measure your channel’s performance. Specifically, it provides you with metrics like views, watch time, audience demographics, and audience retention. 

Equipped with this data, you will be able to analyze the kind of content, the optimal time to post, and how you can engage the highest number of viewers. YouTube analytics will be used to tweak or adjust constantly your content strategy driving better results.  

4. Reusing YouTube Videos is Easy 

Creating great video content may take a while, but here comes the good news. What you have created for your YouTube channel can be repurposed and used across different social media platforms. Likewise, if you can extract the audio from your videos, you can use it as a podcast, or you can create video thumbnails and use them as social media posts to draw traffic back to your YouTube channel. 

Moreover, the transcripts of videos can be used to prepare blog articles, e-books, and other written materials. You not only will gain maximum ROI from the content but also will find a larger audience across different media channels. 

5. YouTube Is Available on the Majority of Devices around the Globe 

Accessibility is one of the main features that YouTube provides. Being the second biggest search engine, YouTube is utilizable via various gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Thus, with this, you can make your content accessible to viewers on the go, at home, or any other place they choose to be. 

The content that is optimized for different devices and screen sizes can generate a seamless and nice experience when your viewers watch the videos. This often results in more interest in the channel, more time engaged, and more visibility, as well. 

6. YouTube Monetization is Lucrative 

If your goal is to monetize your YouTube channel, then the platform provides a series of features that assist you in realizing your dream. YouTube offers the YouTube Partner Program, which lets you earn a share of the advertising revenue your video generates. Also, it offers the option to sell merchandise and products directly through your channel. 

The Super Chat and Super Stickers features on YouTube, which let viewers buy special comments and emotes during live streams, expand your earning perspectives as well. Looking into these monetization options and adopting a strategic approach to generating revenue from your YouTube channel, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business. 

7. You Can Attach Product Links to the Videos on YouTube 

YouTube has become a powerful platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers to demonstrate and communicate their products and services to the audience directly. Through the incorporation of product links and affiliate links in the descriptions of your videos, you can get traffic to your website or online shop. You can also possibly generate sales. 

This feature is especially strong as it works combined with the long-term nature of YouTube video storage. With more viewers consuming your content over time, your product links become more visible and accessible. So, you can have continuous sales. 

8. YouTube Has a Copyright Protection  

There is a serious issue that plagues the world of creators these days: copyright infringement. On the bright side, YouTube has an efficient copyright system that minimizes this risk. 

YouTube uses Content ID, the automated copyright tracking system, to identify and protect your original content from being used without your permission. I can assure you that you can create and distribute your work without worries because the protection of your intellectual property is in your hands. 

9. Expertise and Community: Your Choice 

Delivering consistent, high-value content to your YouTube channel will help you to become an authority in a particular niche or field. Thus, as you get people following you and keep interacting with them, you will gain credibility, influence, and possible business projects as you become the recognized authority. 

Also, YouTube’s interactivities like comments and live streams allow the building of an active followers’ community on your channel. Through building a relationship with your audience, you can have a viewer community that will be interested in your content. They can also give you some feedback, and provide you with a chance to grow your channel gradually. 

Should I Create a YouTube Channel? Start Today! 

Making a channel on YouTube is simple and costs nothing. Just go to, click on “Create a Channel”, then start uploading your videos. Thus, with persistence and constancy, you can have a YouTube channel that can reach out to a worldwide audience eventually. 


What are the most popular YouTube videos?


YouTube has a variety of distinct content in which you may find entertainment, education, lifestyle, and gaming. The most widespread kind of content is vlogs (video blogging), tutorials, songs, videos, and challenges. 

How much profit can you make from posting videos on YouTube? 

The money you earn on YouTube depends on the number of subscribers, the ad revenue, and other similar factors. Your followers will get you big paychecks through a variety of monetization channels. 

What are some of the tips for building a YouTube channel? 

One of the most effective ways of growing a YouTube channel is producing consistent videos of high quality, optimizing them for search, promoting them in other channels, and engaging your audience. 

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Stacey Thornhill leads the way in digital media and content strategy. She perfectly combines her marketing passion with a rich expertise in digital platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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