10 Ways to Increase Your Real Likes on Instagram 


Here are 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram. The list include being original, reaching people around the world, using hashtags, working with influencers, posting on stories, and analyzing insights.  

Would you take the shot or chance to get everything you’ve ever wanted in one moment, or would you let it slip? With these 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram, you can seize the sweet treatment that Instagram offers its favorite users such as marketing opportunities, popularity, and of course, money! 

Let’s not waste any time! 

Originality to Increase Your Real Likes 

Let’s start with 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram by addressing the most important thing: originality! There is no point in trying if your content isn’t yours; you’ll just be mocking someone or something. This can hurt your image and your profile. Take a look at Zach King, for example. He wouldn’t be so popular on Instagram if he wasn’t original. He’s amazing with his mind-blowing videos. His Harry Potter illusion has over 2 billion views. 

You can make use of the most popular filters. That’ll easily attract more views and, naturally, likes. Just like when everybody did the “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” with the filter that makes your face surreally funny. 

The more, the merrier should be your motto in this case, so you need to link your other social media accounts to Instagram. This will allow you to share your posts on all other social media platforms, attracting more visitors to your content. 

Start with the easiest one, which is Facebook. Thanks to Metaverse, Instagram and Facebook work in harmony. You can create a solid follower base with your Facebook friends to boost your visibility on the platform. 

Be Part of The Community 

The third thing in 10 ways to increase your real likes on Instagram is being a part of a community. Let me be clearer. The Instagram community is quite generous, so make use of it. Interact with other users; like their videos, comment on their posts, and follow, and compliment them. Soon, you’ll see that they’ll return the favor. 

Reaching Global 

You want more likes, which means you have to address broader audiences. There’s only one way to do that; posting in English. Your videos, captions, and stories should be in English so that people around the world can understand and follow you. Reaching the globe can significantly increase the number of your likes. 

And don’t worry if you are not a native speaker. Everything is much easier these days with the help of online translation tools and AI. You can use them to translate your words and post them under your content. And you can use subtitles too. 

Meet Your Ally: Hashtags 

You can create your own hashtag, but I suggest using internet sites that provide insights about them. For example, I mostly post about music, and the most used hashtag is #musiclife, with 7,558,131 Instagram posts. Could you imagine how many likes I can get from this hashtag? 

Hashtags are perfect ways to reach people. Every day, thousands of posts and stories are shared with hashtags on them. People use hashtags for specific contexts such as #love, #guitars, #travel, #like4like, and it goes on and on. 

Be Unique 

Ever scrolled through a profile and instantly felt its vibe? That’s the power of a consistent theme and style. For example travel bloggers, right? They fill their feeds with amazing scenery that makes you want to pack your bags. By sticking to a look, you’ll catch the eye of potential followers and earn their likes. Your profile will become a go-to spot for your unique brand of content! 

Posting Schedule 

We cannot end the list without mentioning the timing of your post; that would be a shame. When you post at the most active time, oh boy, you will be impressed! More eyes will be on your posts and likes will be coming in hotter than ever. 

And don’t worry about finding the best times, because on weekdays it’s generally between 9 AM to 10 AM; on weekends it’s 8 AM to 12 PM. But you can adjust it based on your audience. 

Finding the Newbies 

Following the tag #firstpost is a brilliant way to meet new people and grow your network. Remember that every pro was once a beginner, and talking to new people can give you chances to increase your real likes on Instagram. 

Work with Influencers 

Influencers are known and trusted people on Instagram so working with them is a huge step forward. It can be far-fetched I know, but once you post a common post together, your likes will break through the ceiling that you wouldn’t be able to count them.  

Likes Provider 

And of course, there are tons of like providers to increase your real likes on Instagram. But, as humans, they are not all the same. You need to find the perfect one to support your profile while respecting your values and name.  

You need to find a provider that is trustworthy, well-known, and respected, such as Views4You. Because you should increase real Instagram likes; not bots or fake ones.  


What are some creative ways to use Instagram Stories to boost likes? 

With behind-the-scenes material, Q&A sessions, and interactive elements like polls and quizzes, Instagram Stories can increase likes. 

How can I use analytics to improve my Instagram engagement? 

Understanding what material your audience finds engaging through analysis of this data enables you to customize your next postings for the greatest possible effect. This strategy can help you get a lot more real likes over time. 

How can using Instagram Live help increase my likes? 

You can talk to your audience on Instagram Live in real-time, which makes the experience feel more personal and closer. This kind of activity can make you more visible on the platform, thus more likes. 

Written by
Beatriz Sirena

Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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