How To Go Frame By Frame On YouTube: Top Reliable Ways

Learn how to go frame by frame on YouTube with this step-by-step guide. Start mastering your YouTube viewing experience today.

You may have been wondering how to go frame by frame on YouTube when watching videos. This is important because if you know the tricks for watching a YouTube video frame by frame even as an animator or someone viewing a YouTube tutorial video, you’ll be able to improve your viewing experience greatly. Playing a video on YouTube frame by frame is normal with producers. Nowadays, because of the easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts which allow one to watch videos frame by frame, this has become common with everyone too. If you’re pondering on the way to view videos frame by frame on YouTube, then you are at the right place. This article will give you all the information you need on how to carry this out including the keyboard shortcuts you can make use of.

Why Is Watching YouTube Videos Frame by Frame Useful?

Watching a YouTube video frame by frame is very essential and will help you in different ways which include;

Makes Video Editing Easier

If you are a designer, you should be aware of the difficulties that arise anytime you want to crop and edit a video from the particular position indicated by a client. Thanks to the simple shortcuts now available for anyone to use to watch YouTube frame by frame, you won’t have to struggle with those difficulties again and you can now edit your video content easily. It will save and assist you in cropping your video from the right part and even let you edit every single second of the video perfectly.

Great for Viewing Time-Lapse Videos

Catching the right details of time-lapse YouTube videos can be quite a challenge, and slowing down the videos isn’t even the solution. Still, learning how to go frame by frame on YouTube can save you from going through that. This feature will assist you anytime you want to watch a time-lapse video and save you from the stress associated with getting the right details quickly.

Helps In Learning from How-To Videos

Anytime you want to watch a how-to YouTube video, it’s important to catch every single piece of information. Understanding everything being taught in the video may not be possible unless you view every part thoroughly and detailly.

It feels somehow when you stop a how-to video every second to take down the information and replay it again and again. However, when you know how to go frame by frame on YouTube, you’ll become free from all these troubles.

Methods for Watching a Video Frame by Frame on YouTube

There are various methods you can use to watch a video frame by frame. The methods in this article are reliable and will greatly help in making your video-watching stress-free and enjoyable.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Watch YouTube Frame by Frame

This is the first method you should try out to watch frame by frame on YouTube. There are a lot of YouTube keyboard shortcuts you can use on a video for enhancing your experience.

The keyboard’s left key and right key are available for rewinding or fast-forwarding to the next video so quickly. Also, there is a fascinating keyboard shortcut you can use to watch YouTube videos. Follow these easy steps to utilize it.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account through your Google account.

2. Enter your target keyword into the search bar to look for your desired video. You can as well type the video’s URL link in any browser to search for a particular YouTube video.

Search for the YouTube video on any browser.

3. Once you find your desired video, hit  the play button and long-press the keyboard space bar to watch frame by frame from any point.

Use the keyboard shortcuts to play/pause the video.

4. Then, you can utilize the full stop and comma keys to pause, forward, and rewind the video one frame at a time since your video is currently in frame-by-frame mode.

Use key F for the Full Screen Mode.

This method is the most popular of all the methods for viewing a YouTube video frame by frame. Still, it may not work for you or you prefer to try out other methods.

Using Extension Tools to Watch YouTube Frame by Frame

Almost all videos go along with the frame-by-frame play method. Still, some do not. However, you can use a third-party extension site to watch YouTube videos frame by frame. Follow these simple procedures to do it.

1. Find the desired YouTube video through any browser or sign in to your YouTube channel with a Google account. Copy that particular video’s URL link.

2. Then, open the third-party extension site and enter the copied URL inside the URL field.

3. Press ‘Watch Now’ to begin the video.

4. Pause the video anywhere you want, then put the frame to 30FPS. This is when you must have changed the step to ‘One Frame’.

You can comfortably watch YouTube frame by frame now making use of the forward and backward keys. You mustn’t continue to press the frame-by-frame hotkey to play the YouTube video.

The two main extension tools for watching videos frame by frame are:

Frame By Frame Extension TOOL

Frame By Frame is an extension that lets a user go frame by frame as he is viewing a YouTube video. A lot of users prefer using this browser extension to that of YouTube because they find it simpler to operate coupled with the fact that it makes use of arrow keys for skipping frames instead of period and comma keys.

Use the arrow buttons to skip frame.

Watch Frame by Frame Extension Tool

Watch Frame By Frame is an online tool that lets users watch frame by frame by inputting a video URL and viewing each frame of that video.

Input a video URL to view each frame of the video.

The site provides buttons that you can use to advance frames which makes a lot of users use the site easily.

If a browser extension site doesn’t work for you, there is another method you can be using to watch frame-by-frame on YouTube. This method is even compatible with desktops and phones.

Using VLC For Watching YouTube Frame by Frame

If you dislike using a web browser all the time, there is another option for you to watch YouTube frame by frame. This method involves using a normal video player. Although there are a lot of other video players, the VLC media player is still the best for this.

VLC video player to play videos.

It has premium features and enhanced controls to assist users to play videos frame by frame with no stress.

VLC Advanced Controls on VLC media player.

Also, it can work on macOS and Windows. These are the steps to take when using VLC to watch a video on YouTube frame by frame.

1. Copy your desired video link.

2. Open the VLC media player on your device.

3. Press ‘Media’, then ‘Open Network Stream in the drop-down menu.

Select 'Open Network Stream' under Media.

4. Paste that particular video’s link in the URL field, then press the play button to begin.

5. Then, press ‘E’ to make the YouTube video start playing frame by frame immediately after it begins to play.

Select 'E' to move 1 frame forward.

An amazing thing about VLC is that it isn’t compulsory to press the key anytime you want to fast-forward the frame. Rather, it keeps on playing frame by frame automatically.

VLC play frame by frame automatically.

Still, you have the choice of shifting to ‘manual’ through the control option.

You might also be wondering how to skip frames on YouTube. Follow these steps to do so:

How To Skip Frame by Frame on YouTube

One of YouTube’s features is moving one frame at the same time as you’re viewing videos. Follow these steps to skip frame by frame on YouTube.

1. Proceed to YouTube.

2. Look for a YouTube video to play. It can be one that you’ve saved to your playlist for later or even be suggested on the home screen.

3. Pause the video.

Pause the video on YouTube.

4. Press the period key to shift a desired frame forward. You only have to press the period key to move a frame forward. You may not notice any difference between two distinct frames initially but when you move some frames forward, you will notice changes on the screen.

The Snapshot option is selected.

5. Press the comma key to shift a frame backward. Here also, you must shift back many frames to notice any differences in the video you’re watching.


How do I go frame by frame on YouTube?

Follow these steps to carry this out:
1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
2. Enter your target keyword or URL into the search bar to look for any particular video.
3. Then, hit Play and use the spacebar to watch frame by frame.

How do I watch frame by frame on VLC?

1. Open any video you need on VLC, then click E on your keyboard as the video is being played.
2. It will halt and show ‘Next frame’ in the video’s upper-right corner.
3. Select E to skip to the following frame.

How do I go frame by frame in animation?

Press a frame or sequence. Then, click ‘Edit’ and afterward ‘Copy Frames’. Click on a frame that needs replacing, press ‘Edit’, then ‘Paste Frames’. You can drag the keyframe on Windows and Macintosh to any place you intend to copy it into.


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