How to Edit YouTube Videos Like a Pro: Tips and Tools

Learn how to edit YouTube videos like a pro with our comprehensive guide. Optimize your videos for maximum views and engagement.

If you are a YouTube creator willing to publish fantastic videos on your channel, you must learn that properly editing your YouTube videos is the key to success.

This article will give you tips for editing your video professionally in YouTube Studio, which is embedded in YouTube editor, resulting in creative and engaging content with a higher ranking on YouTube. Also, we will introduce you to some apps and software that help you learn how to edit YouTube videos easily!

How To Edit YouTube Videos In YouTube Studio?

Here is how to edit YouTube videos via YouTube Studio; follow these steps:

  1. First, go to your YouTube Channel.A screenshot from the YouTube channel showing 3 songs listed.
  2. From the menu at the top of your screen, tap “YouTube Studio.”Screshot of one's YouTube channel giving the accounts' details.
  3. You can upload your video by tapping the blue box “Select Files” in the middle of your screen.Upload Videos on YouTube channel by selecting your videos on files.
  4. Next, you can choose, from the videos tab, the video you want to edit.A screenshot from YouTube account showing channel content avaible.
  5. Tap “Editor” from the left sidebar. It will take you to YouTube’s built-in video editor.A screenshot from video editor page showing how to edit YouTube videos.
  6. Use the editing tools to do several things, including trimming, adding texts and music and many more! To trim clips, select the Trim option. A video timeline will be displayed at the base of the screen, and you can adjust the bars to mark the beginning and end points of your desired clip.Once you have completed your edits, you can preview the trimmed video by clicking the “Preview” button at the bottom of the screen. If you are satisfied with the changes, click Save to save the updated version.If you need to remove a specific segment from the middle of the video, simply place the starting point in the appropriate spot and choose Trim. Then, select the Split option at the bottom of the screen.Use the blue bar to drag to the end of the section you wish to trim. Once you are finished, click Save to apply the changes.A screenshot showing how to to trim & cut a YouTube video.
  7. Next, preview your work and click Save.
  8. When your video is saved, create engaging thumbnails and add a good video title to attract more people to watch your content. Also, you can edit the video details by including a good title and description.Steps showing video details from YouTube page.
  9. Add an end screen by clicking on the “End Screen” button on the right side of the screen.Screenshot showing how End Screens are edited for YouTube videos.
  10. Now, click “Save” to let your video go public.

So, with a few clicks, you can edit a YouTube video easily via YouTube’s built-in editor!

It is noteworthy that the Studio only allows you to make basic edits.

Extra Tips To Use When Editing YouTube Videos

Here are some of the essential tips to follow if you want to learn how to edit your YouTube videos before publishing them:

1-Gather Your Videos

This may sound like silly advice, but you must apply a structure or order to do your work perfectly and succeed when editing YouTube videos. Thus, putting all your video files in one section is how you do that!

Gathering all video clips in one folder doesn’t just make it easier to import files into your video editor; it also makes it easier to deal with any content related to any new project you are working on. It saves time by separating the video planning stage from the video editing process. Make sure to follow this intelligent tip always!

2-Tell your Viewers a Story

Storytelling is an essential part of creating a video. Sometimes you might think you are applying this technique in your content, but sadly you’ll discover you are not!

Let’s put it another way. We all know that any story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s as simple as that! However, when editing a YouTube video, many must add these three elements to your stories.

The beginning: To catch viewers’ attention and make your videos popular on YouTube, it’s essential to create a hook and intro that directly catches their eyes, given the platform’s highly competitive landscape.

A hook is usually a sentence that aims to catch the viewer’s attention. Many people think a hook is a bad idea but it’s actually very effective. Many viewers tend to watch specific channels because of their unique hook!

After the hook, you’ll need to introduce your audience to the information they will receive.

The middle: This is also known as the body of the story that contains much detail about your given topic. To attract your audience, you must offer them genuine value in your videos. This value should align with what you mentioned in your video title.

For example, if you’ve committed to sharing ten tips, you must give ten tips, no less.

The end: After providing valuable content, you should take things to the next level. It would be best to tell your viewers what to do next through a call to action. I would like to point out that creating a relevant call to action that aligns with your channel’s topics and themes is essential. Your viewers are interested in your offer but may move on to watch other channels if you fail to give them the next steps. So, please make sure that your call to action is clear and provides value to the audience.

A good call to action must be direct, related to the topic, and convincing!

3-Omit “Dead Air.”

Avoid “dead air” when making YouTube videos – brief pauses or silence as you breathe while recording. Dead air can affect the flow and quality of your videos.

Delete any video where you pause to inhale using jump cuts. This reduces dead air and keeps continuity. Jump cuts are an effective technique to boost the quality and engagement of your YouTube videos.

4-Avoid Repetition

Repeating content in a video can bore viewers, but recognizing instances of repetition can improve its quality.

Identifying when a subject refers to the same topic in different ways or emphasizes a point with multiple examples can prevent the video from becoming monotonous.

5-Add Music

Video is a sensory experience involving audio and visual elements. Excellent audio can save an ordinary video, but a poor audio choice can make it awful.

To select the right music for your video, follow a two-step framework. First, could you consider the topic you are covering? For instance, cooking video footage could feature calm background music to let viewers focus on the recipe.

Secondly, think about which emotions you’d like to evoke? Today, you have several options to find the perfect sound effects for your video. If you’re searching for free music, use the term “royalty-free music” in your search.

By following this framework, you can select the perfect music track for your videos and enhance their quality.

6-Merge Sounds with Transitions

It would be best to focus on sound when editing a video, as it’s an essential element in any YouTube video. Knowing how to merge beats with transitions, and adding the sound to your video will help you create creative content! It is straightforward; you can count the moments in your music and time your footage accordingly.

Once you do this step, your videos will be more engaging and impressive.

7-Rely on Pattern Interrupts

Pattern interrupts are sudden signals that you add to your video to redirect the viewer’s focus. They prevent overwhelming audiences with complex concepts and play the role of the “restart” button for their mind.

For example, you can implement them by adding supplementary footage or ideas to your script, like changing the camera angle with a jump cut.

8-Use Filters

It’s essential to focus on colors in your video, as they play a massive role in attracting the viewers to watch your video till the end.

Can you imagine a video with distorted colors? That’s why you should rely on color correction. This option helps boost your video quality and make it appear more appealing to the eye.

9-Use the Right Frame Size

To make your video eye-catching, you should offer the viewers good-quality content. People would like to see a video that is not disturbing or strange-looking. So, be conscious of getting  the video size right.

Select the best size of the many available sizes. It’s important not to choose the wrong size, as this will make your YouTube video lose its quality and look too bad.

10-Keep it simple

While you may be tempted to go all out to attract your audience, it’s crucial to balance and avoid overwhelming your viewers. Excessive use of transitions, loud music, images, and text can detract from your video content and be counterproductive.

Aiming for a delicate equilibrium between original video content and additional elements is essential.


What Are the Mistakes to Avoid When Editing Videos?

If you want to edit videos for YouTube, we advise you to pay attention to some common mistakes that might affect your content negatively. Here are the mistakes to avoid:

Bad audio quality: Audio is an essential part of your video. Many people will skip watching your content if the sound is terrible. Therefore, always use a high-quality microphone and film in a place with little to no background noise.

Using many video effects: Effects are beautiful, as they help give your video a creative touch. However, too much of everything is good for nothing! Adding many transitions, visuals, or stickers could make your video appear silly. So, it’s essential to know what to choose precisely.

Wrong pacing: Pacing is something important when editing a YouTube video. Let it appear normal by adding transitions and any other effects.

Bad organization: Organizing your video well is essential for you to gain many viewers. People like to watch something that has meaning. Thus, please arrange your clips reasonably rather than a meaninglessly!

Not adding titles and descriptions: Yes, titles and descriptions will affect your video visibility. You can add a smart tag, an informative caption, and relevant keywords to ensure the best results.

Once you avoid these mistakes, you’ll start to create high-quality videos and get more views.

What Are Five Video Editing Software for PC?

Here are the five best video editing software to help you learn how to edit YouTube videos on a PC:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: This software has many advanced features.
  2. Final Cut Pro
  3. Avid
  4. VideoPad Video Editor
  5. Windows Movie Maker: This is a free video editing software that you can find on your Windows PC. It offers you essential tools to edit and create a simple video. You can find this video maker in your Windows menu.

Many of these software has a free version to try them out.

Now, what other PC editing software do you know?

What Are Good Online YouTube Video Editors?

Here are five of the best websites to edit videos online:

  1. Adobe Spark Video – It’s an online site that helps you create and edit videos online. You can upload videos to their website and edit them using the various editing tools you find, then export and upload them on your YouTube Channel.
  2. WeVideo– An online website where you can edit videos. It explains how to edit YouTube videos easily, as it’s made for beginners and professionals. The site provides many great features to help you produce amazing videos!
  3. Kapwing – A friendly platform that lets you trim, add text, filters, and other video options. It also allows you to create memes, GIFs, and even collages!
  4. Animoto – This web video editor could help you create YouTube videos for marketing purposes. It provides several great templates and video editing tools to help you create pro-looking content.
  5. FlexClip -This online video editor offers you many great features. It allows you to add texts, music tracks, filters, etc. Also, it gives you many templates for several video types that you could share on social media platforms. Also, you can share your video directly on the YouTube channel.

What are Four Video Editing Apps?

If you are willing to edit your YouTube videos for free with just a few clicks on your mobile devices, then choose one of these five applications:

  1. CapCut: It is among the most popular apps YouTubers use to edit a video clip.
  2. Filmora: Many reviewers say this app is a good YouTube video editor.
  3. InShot: This free video editor now has over 500M downloads!
  4. KineMaster: Start editing your new video project on this 100M+ users app!

These apps and many others are available on both the Play store (on your Android device) and the Apple store (for iOS devices).

What Are Three Reasons to Edit YouTube Videos?

Although there are many reasons to learn how to edit your YouTube videos, we will list three of them below:

  1. Enhances your video quality: You can remove unnecessary shots and boost their sound and colors when editing YouTube videos. Plus, you can add some great visuals to make your video look more attractive to the audience.
  2. Makes your video more engaging: When you delete the silly or boring shots and focus on showing the informative and entertaining parts, people will watch your videos more than ever. Also, you can add music to make your video content more interactive. Creating an engaging video will increase watch time, engagement, comments, and shares.
  3. Optimizes your videos: When you edit your videos, you optimize them for search and discovery on YouTube. Users will find your videos easily by adding keywords, tags, appealing titles, and good descriptions. Remember that using good visuals, such as a suspension thumbnail, will let people click on your video, and thus the more views, the higher your video will rank on YouTube.
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