9 Good YouTube Shorts Ideas to Go Viral


There are 9 easy and good YouTube short ideas that you can use to get views, likes, and potential virality. These concepts are the different ways to spice up your short-form content strategy: 1) Tutorials 2) Life Hacks 3) Before and After 4) Quick Tips 5) Common Myths 6) Motivational Videos 7) Fun Facts 8) Unboxing 9) Repurposed Content.

Greetings, creators! Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your short video trend on YouTube? Trust me, I have! Coming up with good YouTube short ideas that might garner a lot of views is not an easy task.

Hold on, though; I’ll take care of you! I’ll be sharing 9 effective YouTube videos that significantly increase engagement with you in this post.  From myth-busting short videos to helpful hints, these ideas will help you gain likes, comments, and shares.

1. Tutorials: Teach Something New in 60 Seconds

I believe that everyone enjoys a nice “how-to”? Quick video lessons are a fantastic way to impart your expertise and provide your audience with real value. The finest aspect? They can discuss almost any subject you can think of.

For instance, you may walk them through a quick hairstyle method, an amazing ab workout, or even how to edit images like a pro. The secret is to keep things simple, interesting, and easy to read.

Because they provide a straightforward answer to a typical issue or demand, this is one of the good YouTube Shorts ideas with a strong potential to go viral. Here is our take to inspire you:

2. Life Hacks: Level Up Their Daily Grind

Life hack films are an excellent source of inspiration for the best YouTube shorts. These brief videos highlight clever minor tips that can simplify daily activities, speed up their completion, or increase their overall efficiency.

It could be as simple as figuring out how to deseed an avocado or as surprising as discovering a quick and easy solution to defrost car windows. The more imaginative and practical, the better.

Additionally, you can draw from almost any category—cleaning, technology, food, you name it. Life hack shorts frequently receive a ton of views. You can look at the top most views in 24 hours on YouTube to take inspiration! Because, well, who doesn’t enjoy a good shortcut?

3. Before and After: The Transformation Power

Transformation videos are the chocolate of our eyes, aren’t they? Consequently, it’s why those YouTube shorts ideas in the ‘before & after’ format are super big hits. Audiences may find the idea of watching the transformation from unattractive to gorgeous very entertaining.

It could be about a home renovation, make-up transformation, or phenomenal weight loss. No matter what subject they tackle, these videos offer a ridiculously exhilarating journey with satisfaction making them an endless supply of entertaining content. Try to upload Shorts like these to get the desired attention instantly!

4. Quick Tips: Bite-Sized Knowledge Bombs

If full tutorials are too long for you to remain focused on something, you can go for tips instead. These YouTube short ideas are the tiny pieces of the cake that will make everyone a little wiser.

For example, you could write about how you can make your lipstick last longer with just one tip or how to do it beautifully with just one tip for your next trip. The more specialized or specific, the better! These tips are the bite-sized nuggets of wisdom meant to serve you here.

5. Common Myths: Debunk the Lies They Believe

You know, all of us are sort of excited to be here and have our thoughts blown, right? It is exactly what these types of videos do. They debunk myths or fiction that go viral on YouTube Shorts. They are both educational and entertaining at the same time.

For example, ‘Are you able to achieve Super strength just from doing 100 pushups every day?’ Ask such weird questions and rectify them with your facts in a brief but intriguing manner.

6. Motivational Videos: Spark Inspiration in Seconds

Inspiration is what we all might require once in a while. Thus, even the most boring ones become engaging for the viewers due to the high level of motivation. These relatively short videos are meant to drive the viewers with full energy and excitement and get them ready to face every challenge on their way.

You can do something like sharing an inspiring quote, a few positive words, or a tongue-in-cheek story that involves beating difficult situations. First, keep the message you want to communicate happy, encouraging, and packed with emotion.

7. Fun Facts: The Trivia Tidbits They Didn’t Know

Did you know that from the botanical perspective, a strawberry is not a berry? Or a calculator costing $1.5 million? The fun facts may be strange, entertaining, or even somewhat unbelievable, but that’s what makes them great ideas for YouTube shorts.

The best part of it is the fact that not only can you be as quirky and specific as you want, but this is exactly what you can get! If facts are interesting and engaging, audiences will gladly take them without any hesitation. You deserve bonus points for making appealing visuals or incorporating animation to help remove doubts. Start with creating eye-catching YouTube Shorts thumbnails.

8. Unboxing/Reviews: First Look Frenzy

Elimination of such mystery can trigger more people to tend to know new products and offerings. Curious people get a taste of everything and as such they can live out their curiosity vicariously. This makes the unboxing/review short and creates a much better performance.

Whether it is a new gadget that anyone is dying to get, an odd-tasting snack, or the latest fashion accessory, make your audience feel like they are first in the race to own them. Only make sure you have an uplifting spirit and start with your truth!

9. Bonus: Repurpose Long-Form Content

Are you running out of really cool good YouTube short ideas? No problem! Consider converting some of your lengthy videos into short, attention-grabbing clips.

For example, you might build an incredible recipe hack based on the last cooking tutorial you saw or highlight a mortal exercise move that you got from your recent fitness vlog. You, in a nutshell, reinvent and reshape your content into mini bursts of condensed information.

This trick is super-efficient and you are making sure your tips and advice are resurrected and living freshly on the YouTube Shorts platform. It’s a total win-win!


How long should YouTube Shorts be?

Small videos on YouTube can be as short as 15 seconds and up to 60 seconds, however, experts suggest making your videos not longer than 30 seconds to keep your audience engaged.

Can I use music in my YouTube Shorts?

Yes, Thanks to YouTube Shorts, you can get a stack from their playlist of awesome beats and melodies.

How can I get more views on my YouTube Shorts?

To get some views on your YouTube Shorts, concentrate on developing interesting, re-shareable content that is pleasant to a huge variety of audiences. If you use regaled hashtags, try to work with other creators, or promote your videos on social media, you will get new viewers.

How do I know if my YouTube Shorts are successful?

Being able to note the success of your YouTube Shorts is possible by watching the number of people viewing, liking, and sharing each of your videos. Furthermore, watching the remarks and feedback of your fans may help you to figure out how they have got your content.

Can I make money from YouTube Shorts?

Does it convert to sending YouTube Shorts within the Partnership Program utilizing the same monetization model once the terms of the eligibility are met? In the same use case, you can earn some bucks through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and your YouTube Short’s merchandise.

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