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Maximize your Video SEO potential with Views4You’s powerful and precise YouTube Rank Tracker tool across your entire YouTube channel. Gain an edge over the competition by easily monitoring video rankings on the second-largest search engine results page and discovering the estimated views of your videos compared to the competition. Rank your YouTube videos higher and maximum engagement with your channel fast and safely.


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Video Rank Tracking is an essential advanced tool for savvy marketers to stay ahead of the competition. With its comprehensive metrics, they can track the Video SEO progress of their channel’s performance and keep tabs on competitors’ performance.

Keep up with the competition by gaining a competitive edge through valuable insights from keyword search volume and estimated views. Uncover what it takes to stay in front of your target audience on SERPs for your YouTube channels. With our YouTube Rank tracking tool, you can get a detailed view on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to Use Views4You Rank Tracker Tool?

You can maximize your YouTube presence with the easy-to-use Views4You rank tracker tool. Moreover, you can also mark the weekly YouTube rank changes and find the top-ranking videos.

Follow these steps:

  1. Please copy and paste any video URL to get instant insight into its global YouTube ranking.
  2. Enter your search term; for instance, ‘‘buy YouTube views”.
  3. With a few short clicks, you can unlock valuable information about how they’re performing in different countries – enter your search traffic term on the left bar, then pick which country’s current rankings interest you most. With Views4You’s YouTube Rank Tracker, you can discover how your videos perform in any country – including the highly competitive USA market.
  4. With a simple click of the “Search” button, you’ll get instant insight into your video’s ranking data on its page. It will show you where it stands currently, and data from the last time you checked will also be displayed.

Moreover, it will give you the ranking order of all videos with the same keyword on YouTube.

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Check Your YouTube Rankings

You can track your keyword ranking on YouTube with the YouTube Rank Tracker tool without subscribing to the service.

Get the inside scoop on how your video content performs with our revolutionary YouTube rank checker. In a couple of clicks you can create and set up projects to track specific URLs and add YouTube as your preferred search engine so that moments later, you’ll have access to valuable insights about which keywords are boosting or hindering your rankings on YouTube result page.

Check Your Google Rankings

Making your video content stand out and achieve success requires more than just optimizing it for YouTube. To maximize the potential of your videos, you must also ensure that they appear in organic Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Optimize your content for Google by making it one of your preferred engines in Project Preferences. Then, use the YouTube rank checker to determine if you appear as a suggested video on this major search engine.

Track Visibility Progress Over Time

Views4You’s Video Rank tracker tool stores YouTube ranking results for a certain time. For example, the result of the YouTube search you made one week ago will be kept in the system and included in the results of your following query.

Watch your YouTube content reach new heights with comprehensive ranking reports. Monitor the visibility and progress of your videos from month to month or for an all-time view – giving you a complete overview of success within any search engine!

Monitor Your Video Progress

Monitor the success of your YouTube videos in just a few clicks! With our Rank Checker, you can easily track how your video rankings fluctuate. Make sure to enable SERP features at the bottom of the workspace and record keyword ranking positions during subsequent checkups – this way, you can keep an eye on YouTube SERP and fine-tune your content strategy for superior results.

Comprehensive Insights into YouTube Videos

The system shows the position, page, country of the YouTube channel, date of publication of the video, number of views, number of likes, video length, and in which countries the video can be watched. The system works by getting instant YouTube results every time you make a query.

Check Competitors’ Rankings

Supercharge your YouTube rank with our innovative rank-tracking tool. Get the edge over your real competitors by finding out what target keyword they use to achieve high SERP placements. Our tracker helps you discover successful and relevant terms, allowing you to boost your clicks and grow viewership for your videos. You can gain insight into the ranking factors that give your competitors an edge and elevate their rankings. Utilize this knowledge to equip yourself with a competitive advantage.

Right Keywords for Better YouTube Video Rankings

With a search results audit, you can dive into an ocean of data to improve your YouTube SEO strategy; you can easily track keyword rankings and understand the number of searches for those terms by calculating expected visits based on click-through rates, all the way to gauging PPC costs.

To uncover the top keywords for your video, leverage search engine optimization statistics like video keywords difficulty and average monthly keyword research. Analyzing SEO and PPC data gives you an advantage in creating a video title, video description, or metadata that will draw viewers to your content. Start tracking video ranks of those key phrases to measure their impact over time.

Comprehensive Ranking Report

After comprehensive checks, you can get an easily digestible YouTube rankings report. Head over to the Reports section of Rank Tracker and switch to our custom Keyword Rankings. With this report, you’ll be able to track your keyword standings in all major search engines – including YouTube. Quickly access the information you need by downloading it as a pdf and saving it to your computer for safekeeping.