Maximizing Your Profits: What is 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary

What will 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary be? Did you know you can earn money from you channel regulary? Learn how at Views4You.

Your YouTube channel has been gathering more subscribers lately and is nearing the hallowed 100k mark. You should be proud of yourself for reaching such a large audience! Clearly, your work is making an impression. But what is your 100k subscribers on YouTube salary? Is your YouTube channel the next PewDiePie?

Not quite. While you might have a successful YouTube channel that taps into one of the top YouTube niches, you’re likely not raking in money hand-over-fist. It’s a situation many YouTube creators find themselves in over the years: they’ve hit the 100k but their YouTube earnings don’t seem to go up. What’s happening here?

Well, YouTube remains a complex place and the average YouTuber salary varies based on things like how many subscribers they have, their YouTube video release schedule and more. As a result, you need to better understand how people make money on this platform before asking “how much does a YouTuber make?” using the YouTube partner program and Google ads. Buy YouTube subscribers and start to earn money by Views4You’s assistance.

Creators With 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary (Expectation)

Before diving deep into this subject and gauging how much YouTube pay you’ll get with 100k subscribers, or as my previous article is explained well about the 100k YouTube views, let’s look at a channel with around that number to see how much they make. We’ll look at Phelous, a long-time entertainment producer with over 800 posts. Phelous (Phelan Porteous) was one of the original Channel Awesome creators who split off years ago to find his own YouTube niche.

How Phelous’ Success Reflects a Typical 100K Subscribers Channel

While Phelous certainly has more YouTube subscribers than many channels, he’s not among the top YouTube stars on the planet. That said, he knows how to keep his subscribers engaged with content that helps him earn money every money. But could he make even bet money? Well, let’s examine by using Views4You YouTube money calculator, this numbers to see what kind of cash he’s bringing in as a YouTube creator:

Phelan Porteous YouTube channel views and earnings

First, check the total subscriber count, which sits at around 126,000. Not bad for such a niche channel, particularly one where one video probably gets no more than 17-20k views. Furthermore, the $4,550 USD monthly income is decent for a one-person channel with such a low production quality. What we really want to point out here is the $1,260 monthly sponsorship income here.

Understanding How Much Phelous Makes Per Video

This value tells you a lot about his content and their success. Phelous typically uploads between 3-4 videos per month, with each video earning about $1,260. That’s a steady YouTube income for this creator, particularly as he does his recording, video editing, script writing, and special effects. Clearly, he’s not the richest YouTuber but he’s found a niche that works for him.

But could he make even more ad revenue and earn even more money? Absolutely! While Phelous was one of the first YouTubers to add other cash streams to his channel content to make decent money, expanding his audience to millions would make him better money. That might mean adjusting his content to include cash streams, as well as other YouTubers collaborations with popular creators.

That said, his early adaptation of various YouTuber techniques give you an example of how your 100k subscribers YouTube salary can earn you great passive income. Like Phelous, you need to consistently but out a new video regularly, including YouTubers collaborations. Each video should enhance your channel direction and even include brand deals. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ll cover these topics in more depth later.

Calculating Your 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary: The Answer Might Surprise You!

Phelous’ channel provides a good guide for how much most YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers earn each month. In our research, we found that most YouTubers with 100k subscribers made $600-1,000 per week or $2,400-4,000 monthly. That’s about on par for Phelous, who is unlikely to ever earn 1 million subscribers. That’s a livable income for many YouTubers but may be disappointing to some.

Furthermore, can you expect to make as much as Phelous with 100k subscribers? Well, 100,000 subscribers doesn’t necessarily translate into the same rates. After all, 100,000 subscribers doesn’t mean you’ll have 100,000 viewers for each post. Just look at Phelous’ production to see his user engagement. Most of his content earns around 17-20k views, which means less than 20% of his viewers watch his videos.

This issue often affects many YouTubers. Even the top earning YouTubers may not consistently get viewer clicks or good engagement for their content. Some might say that’s just part and parcel for the average content creator.

However, you can potentially make better money with the right strategy in your specific niche. That said, it’s important to remember that your success as a YouTuber depends on more than subscribers and may include finding great ads, and brand sponsorships.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make Per View?

While subscribers and viewers matter for your YouTube channel, it’s important not to get too hung up on these numbers. Too many people focus obsessively on how much YouTube pay for views and not other metrics, like joining the YouTube Partner Program and ad revenue.

That said, we think it’s important to give you an idea of how much you’re likely to make per view on your videos. We used a YouTube revenue calculator to see how much money you’ll make if you get 100,000 views per day:

YouTube calculator highlighting 100,000 views per day

Using this calculator, we find that 100,000 daily views earns your channel between $184-306 USD every day. Breaking that down into views, you get about $0.18 or $0.3 per video. That might not seem like much but YouTube earnings typically build up with time as your channel grows. Most YouTube creators put in years of work before they start making as much as an average YouTuber.

However, the difference between the top paid YouTubers and someone with 100k subscribers remains vast. When you get a million subscribers, you’ll be making money quickly through other revenue streams, such as a Google AdSense account, t shirts sales, and more. The best YouTubers actively encourage viewers and build audience engagement in various way, which we’ll discuss later.

YouTube subscription reminder

Earning a YouTube Salary is Complicated

As we’ve hinted at throughout this article, what a YouTuber makes depends on more than just their subscribers. While getting new viewers and hitting 1 million subscribers is a huge milestone, the difference between a 100k subscribers on YouTube salary and someone with well over 100k subscribers is like the difference between an entry-level worker and a company’s CEO.

How People Make Money on YouTube

So, how do you earn money on YouTube and can you push beyond what you make with 100k subscribers? Let’s answer the first question by breaking down the many factors that affect how much money you make. The top YouTubers with the most net worth understand these factors and consider them whenever posting new videos to their site.

Video View

While you don’t get paid by YouTube for each post view, keeping your audience engaged and getting more attention increases your ad presence. The more times customers see ads, the more likely they are to click them. Each click brings your sponsors more cash and increases their investment in you. Furthermore, more views make advertisers more likely to work with you.

Ad View

As mentioned in the previous point, your ad views often dictate whether you make good money with your site. Though most viewers likely skip through ads whenever they appear, some might engage with them. Even more importantly, the more ads in your videos, the more sponsors each video possesses, which increases your potential earning.

Video and Ad Quality

Poor-quality ads and videos will keep you from from 100k subscribers, let alone 1 million subscribers. Videos that get one million videos or more and which provide good engagement rates showcase high production values with ads that focus on your niche. The rule of thumb here is that good money investment results in making good money and hitting potential brand deals that increase your ad view counts.


Though we’ll discuss collaborations in more depth later, we want to briefly highlight them here. Often, a young YouTuber make a connection with a potential collaborator and show up in cameos in larger channels. These collaborations may hit well over a million views and 1 million subscribers, which can increase a YouTuber’s income and subscribers.

New Viewers

Are you telling your viewers to hit that subscribe button with each video? If not, you’re likely adversely affecting your income. Though it might seem annoying to some individuals, asking people to subscribe often compels some to join your YouTube. As a result, they’ll get updates on your videos and will more likely watch them and engage with your ads.

Are You Making Enough Money?

So, how much do YouTubers make when they have 100,000 subscribers? As you can see, the numbers change depending on many factors.

For example, while getting a million views per video may help your productions reach more customers, we want to point back to Phelous again, who has over 77 million views on his site and consistent ad revenue.

100K Subscribers Might Not Be Enough

This information shows that, while a 100k subscribers on YouTube salary may help a YouTuber make a living wage, it might not make you a millionaire.

Even more ad revenue isn’t always enough top improve your net worth and increase how much money you make with 100k subscribers.

Instead, if you want to be the richest YouTuber and increase how much money you make, you must boost your viewer engagement to attract more people.

Successful Channels Earn Insane Amounts of Cash

PewDiePie earning estimates

This chart shows just how much money you can make as a successful YouTuber. While these numbers are massive, PewDiePie isn’t even the most popular content creator on the market.

Statista chart on popular YouTube channels

As you can see here, PewDiePie isn’t even in the top-five most popular content creator. And the difference between creators like PewDiePie and Cocomelon can be even more staggering to consider:

Cocomelon earnings estimate

Now, Cocomelon is producer that primarily creates nursery rhymes and kid-friendly videos. They couldn’t be any more different than PewDiePie’s often inappropriate content. And yet, they make far more than he does.

How do they do it? Engagement with their primary audience. Sites like these understand their core audience and pitch content that they love. So, while it takes a lot of work, you too can reach similar heights!

Reader encouragement text

Increasing Your Viewer Engagement

YouTube engagement tips

Now that we’ve answered “how much does a YouTuber make?” and “how much will you make with 100k subscribers?” in some depth, it’s important to examine ways you can improve your earnings. Our team brainstormed some great tips that should improve your viewer engagement and help you earn more YouTube subscribers and make a higher YouTube income as a YouTube creator.

The richest YouTuber base often swept into a niche early and created a new market for content. For instance, PewDiePie became the most popular video game content creator by producing video streams that featured his profanity-laced humor. While not to all tastes, his content created a surge of people following his example.

2. Collaborate With Other Channels

How much do YouTubers make when they collaborate with other channels? They might not make a lot of money right away but can earn more subscribers and expand their base. It’s not surprising to see your count jump by hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers after a collaboration.

3. Encourage Audience Interaction

Ask your audience to subscriber, interact with them in the comments section, and continually find new ways to engage. Doing so will get them to come back to your site repeatedly and improve engagement. It can also spread your name to more customers and help you make more money on your Google AdSense account.

4. Produce Shorts

Shorts are 40-60 second videos that often include a little humor. For example, you might showcase outtakes from your recording sessions that make your audience laugh. This content provides people with quick and easy-to-digest views that expand your audience base.

5. Create Engaging Thumbnails

Your thumbnails should engage your audience and draw them into your content. Good thumbnail art typically includes the creator and a catchy title, such as “100 Things You Need to Do Before You Die.” Use bright colors that catch the eye and interest potential subscribers.

6. Edit Your Videos Effectively

Great video editing should keep your viewers interested by creating content that flows smoothly. For instance, quick edits keep people from getting bored, while perspective changes can surprise and engage them. Avoid content that drones on and on and keep your content snappy and interesting.

7. Cover Topics Within Your Niche

Each video you produce should cover interesting topics within your niche. For example, video game YouTube stars cover things like game history, how to beat difficult bosses, and new game reviews. Produce content that your audience enjoys and try to cover things that other stars do not.

8. Use Info Cards

Info cards provide videos with more context and keep your subscribers engaged. Often, the richest YouTuber base uses these cards to connect with their subscribers and encourage them to click more videos. This steps help them earn money by expanding their viewer engagement with other productions.

Picture encouraging readers

Success Is Within Your Grasp

Successfully building beyond 100k subscribers may take some time and effort but can expand your content career in many ways. Follow these tips and suggestions to improve your potential earnings and hopefully take your content in a higher-earning direction.

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