How Much Does YouTube Pay for 100k Views?

It's all about views! You need views to make money on YouTube. But, how much does YouTube pay for 100k views? Here we explained.

One of the things that drive many creators on YouTube to keep creating content, asides from their passion for their niche, is how much they earn in ad revenue. If you’re a new YouTube creator wondering just how much does youtube pay for 100k views and what your estimated earnings will be from your YouTube channel, you’re not alone.

There are many factors that affect how much YouTube creators earn on a video, so calculating your earning potential from your YouTube channel can be highly essential for effective YouTube monetization. Generating enough YouTube engagement to get more views on your YouTube channel and grow your YouTube earnings can be quite challenging as well.

This article answers the question “How much does YouTube pay for 100k views?” It will also share tips that can help you make a huge difference in monetizing content and attracting your target audience which will boost your video views.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay Per View?

Many factors affect the amount of money you can earn on YouTube. However, we can make deductions based on the average rates YouTubers earn per 1,000 views (mille) with tools like the YouTube Money Calculator.

For the average YouTube CPM, here’s how much money you can make for each of the following views count: 

daily video views for 1k views

If you’re on the low end (niches with the lowest CPM), you can earn up to $3 for 1000 video views. YouTubers on the high end—niches with the highest CPM—can earn up to $20.

daily video views for 5k views

With the RPM ranging from $3 to $20, the estimated earnings from 5000 views on YouTube range from $15 to $100.

daily video views for 10k views

YouTube pays $30 to $200 for videos on YouTube with 10,000 views, corresponding to $3 to $20 RPM respectively.

daily video views for 50k views

Many creators on the low end earn around $150 for 50,000 views of their YouTube videos. Those on the higher end make up to $1000. 

daily video views for 100k views

YouTube pays creators $300 to $2000 for videos with 100,000 views. Your estimated earnings increase with the number of views.


500,000 views on YouTube will get you between $1500 to $10,000. If you’re here, especially at the higher end, your YouTube channel might be ready to graduate from being just passive income.

  • 1 Million Views 

With 1 million views on YouTube, you can be making so much money. On the higher end, YouTube pays up to $20,000. While those on the lower end earn $3000. 

  • 5 Million Views

On average, the least amount of money you can make with 5 million views on YouTube is $15,000. At $20 RPM, your YouTube earnings can climb up to $100,000.

Is YouTube’s Payment Method “Pay Per View?”

How much YouTubers make from ads depends on the number of ad views on YouTube videos from the creator, not on the number of views per video.

YouTube pays a fixed amount of money per view, however, not every YouTuber will make the same amount. The actual amount for each YouTuber will depend on how many views they get on their channel, and where those views come from.

YouTube charges averagely $0.18 per ad view. However, YouTube pays only 68% of this rate to creators, about $0.12 per view. Also, there are other factors and variables that may influence whether a creator earns this much per ad view.

How Do You Make Money on YouTube? – The YouTube Partner Program

YouTube pays creators through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP.) You must be eligible for and registered on the YouTube Partner Program to be able to start making use of the monetization features on YouTube.

To be eligible to be accepted into the YPP, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Over 4,000 public watch hours in the past year (12 months)
  • 1,000+ subscribers
  • A Google AdSense account that’s linked to your YouTube channel
  • Adherence to the YouTube monetization policies
  • Zero violations of YouTube’s community guidelines

The YouTube Partner Program is one of the determining factors that influence how much YouTubers make on YouTube. Being on the YPP makes you eligible to earn ad revenue via your Google AdSense account once you’ve enabled ads and linked your bank account. There are various types of YouTube ads that are displayed on your channel which you can earn from; overlay ads, bumper ads skippable ads, non-skippable ads, and more.

However, you can also earn more money via other features and resources that you and other YouTube creators get access to including the Copyright Match Tool, and a creator support team.

In terms of your ad revenue, you should know that while the video ads may be displayed on a YouTube video on your own channel, YouTube earns a cut from it. For every $100 advertisers pay to the publisher, YouTube pays $68.

Again, not every ad view leads to payment on YouTube. Any ad that the viewer does not watch for up to 30 seconds does not earn money for creator channels. Only about 15% of viewers actually watch up to the required 3o seconds of an ad that qualifies you to get paid.

Knowing that the ad revenue from YouTube may not be consistent, even if you have over a million views on your video, you may want to step up your game with some other monetization features on the YPP. They include:

  • The YouTube Premium subscriber subscription
  • Branded merch sales
  • Recurring monthly payments from members
  • Highlighting fans’ messages in chat streams.

These features each have their different eligibility requirements, and you will have to fulfill them to be able to make money from them. They may include a specific view count or subscriber count. You may also need to be resident in countries where the YPP is available.

It’s important to note that a viral video is not all you need to continuously smile to the bank on payday. If you focus your efforts on making one video go viral, you may miss out on all the opportunities that you can derive from creating multiple videos of great quality.

More videos on your channel are more likely going to fetch you much money, than a single viral video. So, get to work by creating valuable content that your subscribers will love, and post consistently as well. Let’s see a few more ways to earn money via your YouTube channel without YouTube ads.

How to Make More Money Without Ads on Your YouTube Channel

Like we already established, your ad revenue from YouTube can be tricky, even with 100,000 views on your YouTube videos. There’s no fixed sum you can earn because there are several factors that influence your ad earnings. Some YouTubers have found that the estimated earnings from their video views can vary greatly, with videos with lesser views even making more money than videos with a huge number of views.

That said, there are many other ways top creators earn passive income from Google and YouTube, and you can too, as your channel grows. We call this leveraging the power of viewers and subscribers. For these tactics to work, the more subscribers you have, the more people you can reach.

  1. Sell Merch

The reason why your favorite YouTuber sells and promotes their merch on their YouTube channel is not because they love seeing their faces plastered on a T-shirt. Some of the highest-paid YouTubers like MrBeast, still run merch stores for one reason — they’re diversifying their income!

Yes, growing your number of views is important to attract advertisers, but ad views on your channel are not enough to make the amount of money that can make your life comfortable. In fact, you could have over 1 million subscribers and 100,000 views and still not make a lot of money. Selling branded merch to your subscribers is a fast way to get your personal finance stable, especially if it’s merchandise that they love.

There are a lot of items that sell fast as branded merch, but they must be relevant to your target audience. Everybody loves cool t-shirts, but not everyone may like a pillow merch. So, do some market research to find out what your audience likes, and then go for it. Remember to promote your merch shelf in new videos so that new viewers can learn about it and buy from you as well.

  1. Try Affiliate Marketing

Making affiliate recommendations is another way to get your audience to support your business. When you join an affiliate marketing program, you get links to products that you can recommend to your viewers and subscribers. Then, you place the links strategically within your videos and channel pages.

If your viewers trust your recommendations and make purchases via these links, you earn a profit from the sales. If your YouTube niche does not typically use many products like other niches such as fashion, beauty, or lifestyle, you can recommend the software tools and services that you use for your work.

Making money from affiliate marketing is easy, as long as you’re sure you’ve built a good rapport with your subscribers, or they trust your expertise.

  1. Offer Digital Products

This is especially useful for experts in the academic field, or most fields as long as you can translate your expert knowledge into the written word. Digital products are products that are accessible digitally to enable you to deliver to a large audience, unrestricted by location.

Most digital products that sell on YouTube include online courses, and ebooks such as how-to guides, tutorial videos, etc.

Add the links to your digital products in your video description, and include a call to action in the final cut of your videos, telling users to buy.

  1. CrowdFunding Is Effective

If you didn’t know, know now, that you can directly ask your subscribers and viewers to support your channel growth through crowdfunding platforms. This encourages viewers to donate money to the cause of your channel, either for the channel in general or for specific goals you need their help to achieve.

This may include buying tools and equipment for your YouTube channel or asking them to fund the production of new videos. This may be in exchange for a shout-out, free merch, or anything that can encourage them to participate.

Note that crowdfunding is only from the goodness of the hearts of your subscribers, it is not compulsory for them to give to your channel.

  1. Make Sponsored Content

This is another great way to earn a huge amount of money via YouTube without ads. The more views and the more subscribers you have on your videos and channel respectively, the more brands come to you asking to sponsor your videos in exchange for brand promotion.

That’s right. You can partners with brands to promote them in your videos and they pay you in return. Some brands may offer to pay with actual money, other brands may decide to pay with free products or services that they provide.

Either way, ensure you cut a good deal with trustworthy brands before you make any sponsored content.

What Influences How Much You Make on YouTube Per View?

Several factors directly affect your YouTube earnings. These include:

  1. Type of Ads

The type of ads you place on your YouTube videos influences the amount of money you make per video view. You can place different YouTube ad formats on your videos, including skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and back-to-back ads. The key to optimizing your YouTube earnings is to use all of the ad options available on YouTube strategically.  

  1. Category/Niche 

Another factor that influences ad revenue is the category or topic of your videos. If you’re in the right category, you get even more views, which means more money. Furthermore, if you create videos in “hot” categories or popular niches, you may get a higher CPM, which translates to more money.  

  1. Ad Breaks

Ad breaks usually appear between longer videos on YouTube, and the placements can affect ad revenue. Maximize your earnings by finding the best ad placements, or turning on automatically placed mid-roll ads to let YouTube do the job for you. Remember that viewers might consider you to be spammy if you place too many ads in your videos, thereby affecting your potential earnings. 

How Much Do Top YouTube Stars Make on Their YouTube Videos? 

YouTube is a platform that has raised many stars earning hundreds and millions of dollars from their YouTube videos. Here are some of the most prominent YouTube stars and how much they make: 

  1. Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are two YouTube stars that started on YouTube with a daily talk show in 2006. It has now grown into an empire with other extensions, including Mythical Kitchen and Good Mythical Morning. They have 5 million subscribers and over 900 million views. They made the Forbes list as one of the highest-paid YouTubers, with $30 million from all their endeavors. According to,  their estimated earnings for March were around $2.7k. 

  1. Justin Bieber

Another popular star who has made over $30 million on YouTube is Justin Bieber. His YouTube channel has been active since 2007 in the music category. Bieber has over 71 million subscribers with a total of over 25 billion views. Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel has an estimated earning of $35.3k to $794.2k per month, and daily earnings between $1.2k to $26.5k. 

  1. Jake Paul

Jake Paul is another big name in the YouTube world with over 20 million subscribers. The channel was created in 2013. Now, it has over 900 videos with a total of 7,291,465,459 video views. Jake Paul is a professional boxer and music artist. Still, his YouTube channel is in the category of People and Blogs—it covers practically everything including lifestyle, people, and other topics. His estimated earnings for March were approximately $9.6K, and that of February was even more at approximately $15.3k. 

  1. MrBeast

In 2022, Forbes acknowledged MrBeast as the number 1 highest-paid YouTuber having earned $54 million in 2021. The channel started in 2012 and currently has a video count of over 700. The channel is in the entertainment category and it has amassed 140 million subscribers and a total of over 24 billion video views. MrBeast generated an estimated amount of $995k in March. In both January and February, the channel generated over $1 million. 

How to Get More Views and Increase Ad Revenue on YouTube

The number of views you get on YouTube has some impact on how much money you can make. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn ways to get more views. Here are our 5 top tips:

  1. Create Search Engine Optimized Videos

YouTube, as a search engine, aims to provide information that specifically answers viewers’ queries. So, if you want your video to rank on YouTube and get more views, you need to input key terms that your target audience uses, such that you’re directly answering their questions.  Another useful tip to rank high on YouTube is to encourage longer watch time because YouTube interprets it as valuable content. 

  1. Eliminate Any Pauses in Speech

Pauses in speech can disrupt the flow of your message and drive viewers away. If you want people to watch your videos to the end, and comfortably watch them again, you should do a thorough job editing and cutting out pauses between words.  It’s a win for you if you don’t waste the time of your viewers with these pauses or other unnecessary details. 

  1. The Shorter the Video, the Better

The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds—not a lot of time. So, you need to try to get your message across in the shortest amount of time possible. Don’t bore viewers with a long intro. Be as succinct as you can. Try your best to provide value in the shortest possible time. But don’t get stuck up on trying to make shorter videos that you fail to provide value. You may share longer videos if you have valuable information to pass across. Google likes it as well.

  1. Improve Audio Quality 

You may have the best visuals, but that doesn’t count for much when your audio is terrible. Do your recording in a very quiet place. Turn off the appliances around you because your microphone may pick up their sounds. Then, to prevent echoing, record in a space with soft surfaces like tapestries and curtains. They’ll absorb the sound waves rather than reflect them. 

  1. Show Your Audience It’s a Video Afterall

Your primary footage, or A-roll, is usually telling your target audience about your YouTube video content. But when you have to explain something, you need to show them with supplemental footage, otherwise known as a B-roll. A video that attracts more views uses both A-roll and B-roll. The latter keeps the viewer engaged and prevents them from getting bored. 

FAQs About Earning on Your YouTube Channel

Do you have more questions about how you can monetize your YouTube channel? We’ve answered some clearly for you below.

What is My YouTube Earning Potential?

This depends on your CPM and the number of views you get. For an average CPM, you can expect to get between $3 and $20 RPM, depending on your niche. So, you can earn as little as $3 for 1k views to $100, 000 for 5M views.

What is the difference between CPM vs. RPM?

Cost per mille (CPM) is the fee advertisers pay YouTube for their ads to appear in your videos. While revenue per mille (RPM) is your final cut of the money after YouTube takes its share. 

Can I Increase My RPM?

Yes, it’s possible to increase the RPM for your new videos but not the old ones. To increase your RPM, you need to target competitive keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a useful tool to find out the average amount advertisers pay for different keywords

How to Calculate My RPM?

You can determine your RPM by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of views and multiplying the result by 1000.

What is the Highest-Paying YouTube Niche?

Some of the highest-paying niches on YouTube include software reviews, gaming, music, educational content, funny videos, life hack, lifestyle, fashion, food, make-up, fitness, cars, finance, tech, and gadgets.

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