What Are the Limits on Instagram? 


There are 15 different limits on Instagram: 

  1. Age Limits
  2. Instagram Post Limits
  3. Instagram Bio Limits
  4. Following Limits
  5. Image Limits
  6. Multi-Image Limits
  7. Live Story Limits
  8. Instagram Stories Limits
  9. Story Highlight Limits
  10. Caption Limits
  11. Comment Limits
  12. Tag Limits
  13. Hashtag Limits
  14. Mention Limits
  15. Like Limits


Once you have created your Instagram account and are prepared to start using it, be aware of your limits. If not, Instagram will not hesitate to penalize you for overhyping. As a result, it is possible to find yourself in a sad scenario! Thus, let’s learn the limits on Instagram.  

15 Limits on Instagram 

Instagram has restrictions because the social media platform seeks to maintain a pleasant and orderly atmosphere while preventing spammers. Who wants to view bothersome spammers when commenting on or liking your acquaintances or pals’ posts? In that case, you need to understand the limits on Instagram regarding likes, comments, shares, following, and more. Keep reading the blog post to use the IG platform in a healthier and more beneficial way. 

1. Age Limits 

If you want to create an Instagram account, you should be bigger than 13. There are no buts or ifs. Otherwise, you cannot open an IG page and have to wait to be over 13 years old.  

2. Instagram Post Limits 

You can post an image or two every day if you are new since you have to earn the confidence of Instagram administrators that you’re a regular user. After several weeks, you can feel free to upload as many pictures or videos as you’d like. 

Instagram lets you upload five images an hour. You can be banned for two or three hours if you attempt to add more. There are also rumors that you can only share a maximum of 100 images per day. 

A lot of social media marketers think that the best way to attract other Instagram users is to post one or two flawless and eye-catching images. 

3. Instagram Bio Limits 

You can write a bio with 150 characters. Be as imaginative and hospitable as you can while creating a personal page. If you want to use a business account, please try to think about making a clear and creative bio. You may add the URL of your website as well. Remember, Instagram only permits the sharing of one URL per website.  

4. Following Limits on Instagram

As a user, you cannot follow more than 7,500 followers on IG at once. There is no way a person can beat that number. You are not allowed to follow more than this at the same time. 

Yet, I have good news! There is no restriction on the number of followers. You might follow millions or possibly billions of people. Please, don’t follow one after the other.  

What about following and unfollowing numbers for a day? You can limit your activities on a new account to 100 actions. This means that you cannot follow or unfollow more than 100 times. If you are a reliable user, avoid more than 1000 activities. 

5. Image Limits 

There are guidelines that apply to sharing posts on Instagram. Posting a picture of someone who is nude is definitely prohibited. Also, you cannot support terrorism, and organized crimes. In a similar vein, you cannot promote unsuitable services. Making “credible threats” against anyone is prohibited. 

6. Multi-Image Limits 

You may be aware of the multi-image limits on Instagram which you can post 10 pics in one post. 

7. Live Story Limits 

A user’s Live Story can last for 1 hour. It can remain for twenty-four hours. 

8. Instagram Stories Limits 

Instagram Stories enables up to 100 postings. An archive of the earliest photograph or video will be used when you share the 101st Story. 

9. Story Highlight Limits 

No limits on Instagram Story highlights. You can highlight your unique content whenever you want. 

10. Caption Limits 

While you are typing a creative caption you need to pay attention to limits on Instagram, as usual. As an Instagrammer, you can use only 2200 characters in your caption. Yet, the first three words are seen by your followers, the rest will be just three dots. Keep your text to 125 characters or less to avoid seeing these dots. 

11. Comments Limits 

The comments are limited to 240 characters. If there is more to say, please summarize by using your imagination.  

12. Tag Limits 

When urging people to pay attention to your creative posts, you may benefit from the power of tags. Instagram allows you to mention 20 users in your picture or video.  

13. Hashtag Limits 

Instagram has allowed you to use hashtags in order to share your posts with others who might not be followers. The correct hashtags help you gain more followers and likes as well as the attention of other users and potential advertisers. It is possible to use up to 30 hashtags on IG. Nonetheless, using fewer but more targeted hashtags is preferable. I think seven is ideal. 

14. Mention Limits 

You may mention up to ten users in each content you post. Also, you can mention ten people on someone else’s video or posts. 

15. Like Limits  

The limit on Instagram likes is around 350 every hour. This can differ depending on the user. So, go ahead and take a chance. Try to like more than 400 posts and see whether you get a penalty or not. 


Does IG ban your account for lots of following and unfollowing in an hour? 

Yes, too many actions will cause your account to get banned. Be careful while following and unfollowing users. 

Can I share 20 posts consecutively? 

In contrast to other things, there are no restrictions on how many posts you may share. 

How long will the limits on Instagram last? 

Typically, the temporary prohibition lasts between two and four hours. Yet, it can be longer and up to 48 hours. Remember, the duration of the activity will also determine how long the prohibition takes. 

Written by
Beatriz Sirena

Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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