Is YouTube a Good Job? Everything to Know 


YouTube is a good job, and it can become a full-time career for you if you are committed. Lots of creators have turned their passion into an awesome career on YouTube with success.

Many people ask these questions, is YouTube a good job? Is it possible to take care of every responsibility of adulthood such as rent, water, light, etc. by making YouTube videos? Yes, it is very possible.

You can make YouTube a full-time job if you like. Many creators have started, grown, monetized their channels, and made YouTube a full occupation. Now, you might be wondering when the right time is to do YouTube full-time and make it your only career. Read on to find out! 

Signs a Creator Needs to Take YouTube as a Full-Time Job 

There are some signs to identify before you can take YouTube as a full-time job and when you identify them, you’ll become part of the courageous and ambitious creators. Aiming to take YouTube as a full-time job? These are the signs a creator needs to know how ready he is: 

1. Have an Applicable Plan to Earn on YouTube 

You must have an income strategy to enjoy an everlasting YouTube career. When you’re still starting, your first earnings will most likely be from ads. Then, after reaching 500 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours, you’re free to join the YouTube Partner Program so you can start placing advertisements on your videos.  

This will definitely make you some money though all the money won’t go to you because YouTube will take 45% and you’ll pay taxes. Then, to take YouTube as a full-time job, AdSense revenue isn’t enough and should not be counted in your plan. It isn’t really an appropriate idea for many channels because it is very unpredictable.  

You may earn $3,000 in a month and earn $500 in another month. AdSense is stressful due to the fact that it is mainly about views, so when you’re not getting enough views, you won’t make money again. Apart from AdSense revenue, there are other major ways of earning money on YouTube such as affiliate marketing and coaching. 

2. Know Your Audience Well 

Comprehending one’s audience is the most crucial aspect of YouTube. It is more crucial than your number of subscribers or the number of videos you have posted. Actually, subscribers are not really important on YouTube again. So far as you’re creating videos for the ideal people, you’ll build a successful full-time career.  

Just ensure to include a captivating thumbnail, title, description, and video card in each video and you are good to go. Other things will be looked after by YouTube. The platform’s recommendation system is very advanced, so people are constantly finding new content. This is evident by the content YouTube recommends on our home pages.  

It isn’t even necessary for you to subscribe to a creator because YouTube’s algorithm is incredibly good at knowing the content you love viewing and that content will follow you, which is the main thing that matters. YouTube usually finds viewers for creators’ content so what they must do is create content for users in their niches. 

3. Pay Enough Attention to YouTube Analytics 

Overlooking YouTube analytics is extremely easy because it seems boring. Information about one’s channel’s health is good, but creating content seems more exciting for most creators. However, when you’re aiming to take YouTube as a full-time job, you must find out the videos that bring in the highest clicks, watch hours, and earnings. Definitely, you have to pay attention to your click-through rate (CTR) and audience retention analytics.  

These are the foundations to receive higher views and keep the audience entertained. One’s CTR signifies the percentage of users that clicked his video. Its formula is the number of clicks/number of impressions x 100. At most times, higher CTR signifies you are persuading users to watch your content, though that isn’t all.  

Audience retention is also important because it shows the number of viewers that watch your video from the beginning to the end. A video’s beginning is very crucial. People like clicking away within a video’s first 30 seconds, so the audience retention analytics shows creators the particular percentage. 

4. Understand That Your YouTube Channel is a Job 

Many people become a part of YouTube for fun and sharing of passions. It is an activity fulfilling the deep desire to create videos for others. In order for YouTube to become a full-time job, you require this passion. What will make one stand out from other creators is the way he acts.  

Ordinary YouTube creators do not require a thorough strategy but you as a top creator do. You are building a business so you should treat it as such due to the fact that if you do not, you aren’t most likely becoming full-time soon. 

5. Promote Your YouTube Channel 

All businesses must be promoted and the same goes for YouTube channels. Many creators promote their channels on sites like Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), etc. Going ahead to promote your YouTube channel online is great, however, do not go too fast. You have to learn YouTube promotion tools very well first.  

Also, immediately after gaining 1,000 subscribers or more, YouTube will give a creator a Community Tab. This is a small social network where you can connect with the audience and even creators. Here, you’re free to upload GIFs, videos, pictures, polls, etc. Surveys are great tools for creators and a lot of YouTube users utilize the Community Tab very well.  

The network is absolutely an amazing idea. You’ll receive ideas about what viewers love to watch and you’re free to ask them any question you like. In case you are already utilizing all these platforms, you are doing well. It shows that you’re aware of the fact that YouTube gives you the things needed to make your channel a successful one, even in the aspect of promotion. 

6. Learn How to Motivate Yourself

Pressure is the most difficult aspect of taking YouTube full-time. It’ll become an ardent burden when you aren’t prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. There is pressure to make lots of earnings for yourself and to constantly upload videos. All the things that are associated with a regular job like known income, social life, and coworkers will be difficult to replicate in a YouTube job.  

This is because somehow, you’re alone and you must continue to motivate yourself to push forward. It’s a different kind of lifestyle and not for many individuals. In case you are naturally independent and self-motivated, taking YouTube as a full-time job is definitely an awesome idea. You’re in charge of calling the shots and scaling the brand to greater heights. Is YouTube a job or a hobby? It is definitely both. Starting a YouTube career is great so go ahead in turning passion into business.


Is YouTube a Good Way to Make Money? 

Yes, YouTube is a clever way to make money for oneself. You can earn on the platform through various means and even receive Shorts bonuses. You will also receive rewards for quality and engaging videos. However, note that creators do pay taxes to the countries where they are residing on the earnings made from the YouTube platform. 

Can Small YouTubers Make a Living? 

Yes, small YouTubers can make a living through ads majorly. On average, small YouTubers can make from $50 – $500+ in a month. Ad revenue remains the major source of earnings for a lot of YouTube creators and multiple factors affect this like niche, demographic, engagement, audience location, etc.  

How Long Does a YouTube Career Last? 

A YouTube career does not have an end date or finishing line. However, do not just open your channel, post some videos, and think money will start rolling in immediately. You will definitely need to tweak, re-work, and modify constantly to enjoy a long-lasting career. Set realistic goals along the way and you will become one of the top YouTube creators earning from the platform full-time. 

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Beatriz Sirena

Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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