How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2024?


Boost Your YouTube Success with These Tips: 

  1. Craft Captivating, Must-See Video Titles
  2. Enhance Visibility through Video Optimization
  3. Understand Your Audience’s Desires
  4. Engage with the Thriving YouTube Community
  5. Create Eye-Catching Custom Thumbnails
  6. Promote Your Videos Across Your YouTube Channel
  7. Target Google Search Results for Increased Reach

Looking to increase your views on YouTube? With its immense popularity, standing out on this platform can be challenging. In this blog, I’ll share seven effective and easy strategies to boost your YouTube views. We’ll dive into practical tips for creating engaging content and tactics to draw more viewers to your channel. By the end of this article, you’ll have actionable insights to enhance your YouTube presence and attract more views.

Let’s explore these methods to grow your channel’s visibility on YouTube.

1- Unique Content for More YouTube Views

Think What Makes Your Content Charming to View on YouTube

Start by thinking about your strengths and areas of passion. You have a high chance of shooting videos in that area and creating high-quality material if you’re passionate about a particular subject.

  • Check to see whether there is interest in that subject. You may search for it by using keyword planners and keyword explorers.
  • Understand the rivals in that market. Watch the most popular YouTube videos to find inspiration for better works.
  • Think about target audiences to attract as well. What information will pique their interest? Also, you can check out the videos currently popular among your competitors. Why do their videos catch viewers, you might wonder.
  • Finally, think about your YouTube channel’s objectives. What do you want your video production to accomplish? After considering each aspect, you can decide on the niche to focus on. Then, highlight your channel’s specialized niche on the home page.

Good YouTube video content is significant to attract viewers to your channel. Remember that you compete with thousands of YouTube channels, so your content needs interesting and alluring topics to stand out.

2-Visual Content to Get More YouTube Views

Create Attractive Visual Content Like Titles, Descriptions, Thumbnails, and Playlists

Write Piquant Titles with the Main Keyword

The presentation of your videos is a key component of YouTube marketing, and their titles greatly influence the performance of your videos. The secret is to develop attention-grabbing titles so your audience immediately finds your content appealing and informative. For this reason, catchy video titles are a must if you want to get more views on YouTube.

Since YouTube’s research shows that titles substantially impact a video’s success, creating compelling titles is essential. Here is advice on how to create video titles that get lots of clicks:

  • Put brackets or parentheses at the end of your title to enhance the video view rate.
  • Include numerical elements in your title: Use numbers to highlight any pertinent numerical elements in your video, such as advice, methods, steps, weight reduction, etc. This raises awareness and establishes clear expectations.
  • Limit the length of your titles to 50 characters max: According to Justin Briggs’ research, YouTube search results favor videos with under 50 characters long titles.

Compose Pithy Descriptions

You need to write short but attractive descriptions to catch the attention of YouTube users.  Use related keywords and YouTube video tags. 

  • Be natural in your video description; people will read what you’ve written for the video content. It shouldn’t only be about the robotic codes. 
  • Say something about the video’s worth and pique people’s interest in what’s inside. 
  • When composing the video description, use the keywords that you used in the title and YouTube tags section. Regarding ranking, YouTube considers titles and descriptions to be two separate areas. 

 Make Engaging and Vivid Thumbnails

  • In the discovery mode, while scrolling through search results and recommendations, viewers’ use of custom thumbnails significantly influences their choices.
  • According to YouTube, 90% of the most popular videos on the platform use custom thumbnails. So, creating custom thumbnails is important to attract direct viewers.

Thumbnails that appears first on each YouTube video.

  • The thumbnail accurately represents the substance of the video to viewers without fooling them. Incorrect thumbnails may reduce watch time and impair the algorithm performance of your content.
  • Your video thumbnail draws the viewer’s attention by standing out among the other videos. Using vivid colors or contrasting tones can make the thumbnail stand out from YouTube’s red-white-and-black color scheme.
  • The thumbnail completes and combines well with the title of the video. Both components should convey a consistent message and encourage visitors to click and view the video.
  •  Custom thumbnails should contain keywords similar to your video’s title that accurately represent the content of your video.

Form Playlists with Videos Having the Same Context

A YouTube playlist can also make your channel attractive and bring out more views.

A playlist is a selection of videos that are frequently themed. Playlists can be used to organize content and direct users to particular videos. They can be discovered by visitors in the playlists area of your channel.

Playlists work well because it is auto-play and make it easier for your viewer to skip to the next and play each time a video ends automatically. So, this option gets you more subscribers and more YouTube views on your videos.

3- Analytic Research to Attract More YouTube Views

Do Your Research About How to Get More Views

Not just subscribers and people who are already interested in your channel, ranking in search results is the best way to get fresh eyes on your videos. However, it is simpler said than done. So, what can you do to raise your videos’ position in YouTube searches?

Research. You should use a program like Google Keyword Planner for two reasons (remember, you’ll need a Google Ads account):

  • Examine search patterns to identify which target keywords to use. Have a lot of search queries but few videos, which is frequently referred to as low competition, and utilize that information to create your next video.
  • Read through YouTube SEO rules before you start posting your entire video. Make sure you regularly review YouTube analytics.
  • Use these relevant keywords in your search engine, such as the title, tags, description text, and subtitles of your movie.
  • Search engines are a great way to start searching for video ideas. For example, once you pick your content topic, you can search for some suggested videos and related videos on the Google search engine.

Always keep in mind that your ideal audience is the most important consideration—YouTube’s algorithms don’t care whether your entire YouTube video is technically “good.” It is concerned if a certain user wants to watch it. Users generally prefer to watch “good” videos despite this.

4- Show Effort to Get More YouTube Views

Consistent Effort for a Long-time Presence

If you strongly desire your videos to stand out from the other users, you must constantly upload a new video to your YouTube channel. Don’t give up; keep producing fascinating and engaging material, remain active on the platform, and gradually, you’ll see a rise in YouTube subscribers who will become your new video viewers.

You can produce a sizable number of views and profit from YouTube as soon as that happens. Think like Google when producing high-quality videos that connect with your target audience to optimize your earning potential. Alternatively, get a little Cinderella help from Views4You.

5- Build Your YouTube Community  

Strong Relations with the YouTube Community

“Audience engagement” is another way to say “relationship building.” Of course, the objective here is to increase YouTube views reasonably, naturally, and long-termly.

Interacting with other YouTube users—content creators or commenters—increases the likelihood that they will be interested in your business, subscribe to your channel, and watch more of your videos.

Starting a two-way dialogue by using the community tab could be accomplished by:

  • Activating comments and responding to them (it’s polite to do so!)
  • Hold a YouTube competition.
  • Create reaction videos
  • Add stuff from other people to your videos (with their permission).
  • Ask questions and seek suggestions
  • In your videos, thank your viewers
  • Reply to each comment that the viewer makes

6-Self-Promote and Earn More YouTube Views

Promote Your Channel

Promote your videos on other social media channels.

  • Post a brief teaser video using native video to your social media sites, along with a link to the longer version of the videos on YouTube.
  • Remember that you won’t want to share identical content on all your social media platforms.

You may further advertise your channel by generating YouTube badges on your website using YouTube APIs. Outlets like Reddit or Quora can be useful. A scheduling service like Views4You is the ideal way to create and schedule those updates for your followers, short of hiring an assistant to manage your social media.

7-Benefit from Social Media Marketing 

Purchasing YouTube Video View Packages

Purchasing social media promotion bundles is a great way of increasing the views on YouTube videos. Buying your view packages from a trusted social media platform services provider is strongly recommended to avoid fake and bot views from the YouTube algorithm. You have to remember that YouTube can detect fake views, eliminate them from your channel, and terminate your account if there are any fake views on your account.

For example, Views4You is one of the greatest ones to purchase from. It is the most preferred social media service provider by many influencers and channel owners. If you want to see the highest number of views on your channel homepage, it is a brilliant idea to boost up your videos with our affordable view packages.

Reflecting on My YouTube Growth Experience

I’ve been creating content on YouTube for a while, so I know the ropes. Over the years, I’ve faced the same challenges many new YouTubers encounter. These seven methods I shared have worked wonders for me and others. They’ve helped me grow my channel and have also been a game-changer for fellow creators. So, trust me, these strategies work in boosting YouTube views.


How long does it take to boost my views on YouTube?

If you want to boost it naturally, it will take 3 to 6 months. But if you buy real views, it will reach its potential in just a couple of weeks.

What are the most important factors in getting more views on YouTube?

1. Eye-catching titles and attractive thumbnails 
2. Audience retention 
3. Improving the description of the video and YouTube channel 
4. Optimize videos for likes, subscribers, and comments 
5. Establishing playlists 
6. Search for other YouTube creators 
7. Building relations with viewers 
8. Promote your channel 
9. Purchasing a social media marketing campaign 

What is the most viewed video content on YouTube?

1. Kids channel and kid-related content 
2. How to videos 
3. Music videos 
4. Travel videos 
5. Funny videos 
6. Shopping and make-up videos 
7. Vlogs 
8. Educational and informative videos 
9. Product reviews 
10. Video games 
These are some of the most watched video content on YouTube. 

What factors do affect not getting viewed?

1. Failing to make visually appealing thumbnails for your videos 
2. Only paying attention to views and subscribers 
3. Failing to explore the content; 
4. Failing to seek out alternatives 
5. Producing videos without doing any research 
6. Not making introduction videos 

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