How to Become a Gaming YouTuber: 2024 Success Steps 


Begin by choosing a game or genre you love and a memorable channel name to start a gaming channel on YouTube. Use keyword research to boost your videos’ visibility. Essential equipment includes quality editing software, a good microphone, and a camera. Keep your audience engaged with captivating video intros and regular updates. Stay connected with gaming communities, follow trends, and always listen to audience feedback for ongoing improvement. 

YouTube’s popularity all over the world has made creators gain access to a lot of opportunities. Various ways of earning money are made available on the platform and gaming is among them. It’s among the most common opportunities utilized by creators on YouTube. Starting a YouTube gaming channel may be your golden ticket, to carrying your hobby further! If you’re wondering how to become a gaming YouTuber, read on to find out more! 

1. Choose Your Preferred Game/Genre

This is the number-one step to take to become a gaming YouTuber. You must choose the particular kind of game you’ll love to start playing. Some people prefer to involve themselves in one game. However, what is trending currently is becoming a broad gamer and participating in at least two genres. You must be careful in this first stage because this will determine your account’s content and growth.

2. Pick a Good Name for Your YouTube Channel

Giving a proper name to one’s gaming channel is among the first steps to take when opening a YouTube account. No matter the niche, make use of great practices like picking a name that can be easily spelled, making the gaming channel name easily remembered and letting your YouTube channel name portray the games you play and the niche you’re among. 

Also, your YouTube gaming channel name shouldn’t be longer than 70 characters, it should utilize popular keywords, and it should never be profane or make use of abusive words. A lot of prosperous gaming YouTubers gave their channel a name according to the main game they’re playing. Therefore, if you decide to play only a single game, utilize that game title to create a special gaming channel name. 

3. Research Video Topics

Brainstorming topics first before making a video is very essential. You might find it tiring, but it’s needed to make progress. You must brainstorm titles and relevant keywords that are ranking high in your genre. This will enable your videos’ reach to be greatly increased. Additionally, it will enable you to produce the right videos even if you’re not aware of them. 

Find valuable keywords that will enable your gaming content to be highly optimized on YouTube’s algorithm. I’ve realized that understanding YouTube’s algorithm through keyword optimization and studying other creators’ content is crucial for both deciding on the type of videos to create and innovatively enhancing what has already been done in the gaming community. 

4. Produce a Title and Thumbnail That Entices

A video title and thumbnail are what will truly attract viewers. They make viewers go ahead in click on one’s videos, so they must always be fully optimized. Video titles aren’t only for attracting potential viewers but will additionally assist you in climbing YouTube’s search engine. 

If you’re able to discover popular keywords that don’t have as much competition on the YouTube platform, you’ll find it easy to create great and high-ranking titles. Then, after successfully ranking high, you should focus next on the thumbnail because attractive video thumbnails lead to higher clicks. Ensure that your graphic is simple so that viewers will find it easy to comprehend. 

5. Acquire Proper Equipment

You have to acquire the right equipment needed for a gaming channel. So, now, you may be wondering which necessary equipment is needed to start a YouTube gaming channel. They are very essential in making one’s video pleasant and professional. 

Video-Editing Software

Standard video-editing software is among the important pieces of equipment needed for YouTube gaming videos. When you have quality software, you’ll be able to cut clips, assemble them, add unique songs and titles, and do any other thing you want to enable your videos to appear professional. 


A lot of YouTube gamers include voiceover in their YouTube videos, like any time they are playing games. Ensure you record excellent audio to enable viewers to keep up with the action in your videos and streams. 

Screen-Capture Software

When you’re playing games, you have to make use of screen-capture software to capture all the on-screen action. In case you play on a console, then you have to buy a compatible capture card. This tool makes it easy for many gamers to capture signals from the console and store their footage to enable them to edit it. It greatly helps in a high-quality recording. 

Digital Camera

You can make use of a web camera or a mirrorless camera. The camera is important for recording oneself while playing to ensure good video quality. 

Video Lighting

Do not make viewers start staring into the darkness. Ensure your videos are well-lit and show your face. Using a professional device helps in limiting screen glare and face shadows. 

Green Screen 

Many YouTube gamers utilize a green screen in their live streaming. This helps in removing the background of the gamer to enable just their body to show up while playing games. If you want to have a more professional studio, you should invest in green screens.

6. Give a Brief Video Introduction

Retaining one’s audience is very important on YouTube. When a person encounters a video, but he doesn’t stay more than 30 seconds, a wrong video impression will be sent to YouTube’s algorithm. This shows that the video can’t deliver and therefore should not be shown to other viewers. 

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, always produce great introductions for your videos. Do not beat around the bush but go straight to the gameplay. Start explaining the reason for that day’s video and talk comprehensively about that particular game. You should be aiming to ensure that no one goes away. Your video’s title is making a promise so you’ve to deliver on it from the start. 

7. Put Up Weekly Gaming Videos

Before creating YouTube gaming channels, one should plan on uploading videos constantly. You should post daily/hourly to gain prominence and start building a dedicated YouTube audience. You should frequently post gaming content on your channel. 

Also, you should ensure that your gaming videos are optimized properly so that YouTube can recommend them. YouTube loves to serve video content to the widest possible audience. Nevertheless, you mustn’t follow a tiresome schedule for posting. Start slowly so that you can comprehend the way YouTube is fitting in your life and if it lines up with your job and education. 

8. Become Part of a Gaming Community

Trying to brainstorm ideas for a YouTube video is sometimes difficult. However, solving this problem is straightforward, do not attempt it on your own. An ideal way of starting a gaming channel is with the help of other gaming YouTubers. 

When starting, you should join a gaming community online such as Discord. Look for groups that center on a game you’re playing and be attentive to all they do. When you do so, you will notice major updates on the game and the aspects that are exciting to users. 

Also, you will be able to see the questions that newbies ask concerning your chosen game, and all these will significantly help you to find amazing ideas for your video easily. 

Using trending topics enables one to gain more YouTube views on his gaming videos. You should utilize things like pop culture, gaming trends, festivals, and other events that will add positively to your YouTube channel. 

You can make use of online tools to search for and discover trends. These online tools will let you view your niche’s trending themes and even popular keywords. Enter a relevant keyword to see trends in the gaming industry. 

10. Pay Attention to Your Audience

If you’re aiming to develop a successful YouTube gaming channel, you shouldn’t concentrate on the game. Rather, go after your target audience. It is a very wise thing to do because a game reduces in popularity with time, but watching habits never change. 

When you know the audience you’re targeting, you should start creating content they’d love to view. This way, you can form an audience that is loyal and devoted. It’s even the way a powerful gaming community is built. Also, ensure that you get appropriate feedback. 

Learning to amass user feedback is essential because it will enable you to develop your YouTube channel’s content. Start collecting general feedback now on your gaming channel, including positive and negative, so you can begin to take proper action. 

11. Don’t Do ‘Let’s Play’ Videos

Lots of YouTube gamers like posting ‘Let’s Plays’ on their channels. This is because making and editing them is fun and simple, and this makes the gameplay different from other forms of YouTube videos. The only thing you must do is start recording yourself as you play games while also adding comments for the audience. 

Though this type of video is lots of fun, it is difficult getting significant views from it except if you have a big, prominent YouTube channel. I’ve observed that this kind of gaming video faces intense competition from established channels. It isn’t ideal for new creators due to this overwhelming competition, so they should consider exploring a different direction. 

Though these kinds of YouTube gaming videos are fun, more viewers prefer looking for tutorials and hacks. Therefore, even if you plan on doing ‘let’s play’ videos, let them be searchable. Add in tutorials and hacks to enable you to put up the right title for YouTube. 


What Is a Gaming YouTuber? 

A YouTube gamer is one that frequently creates and streams videos about gaming on his/her channel. Fundamentally, YouTube gamers who are operating on the platform do so as individual channels. They constantly create and stream gaming videos there. The YouTube gamer profession has become so desirable. It’s getting more and more popular nowadays and the YouTube platform has opened lots of new doors for individuals to start entertaining. Gaming channels can gain many followers and views if they utilize different gameplay and styles. 

How Does One Become a Gaming YouTuber?

Becoming a gaming YouTuber requires some important steps like coming up with your channel’s name as you’re just starting, structuring your gaming videos and their lengths, working on your videos’ introduction meticulously, making your thumbnails attractive, and uploading weekly gaming videos.

Why Become a Gaming YouTuber?

Playing one’s beloved games and earning lots of money from them to cover day-to-day expenses is so amazing. The gaming niche is dynamic and creative and has lots of potential attached to it. All these make lots of individuals attracted to it. PewDiePie Gaming is an example of a popular YouTube gamer.
They’ve been able to acquire countless followers and views, and are earning huge income from their gameplay content. Also, a lot of people love them. There are a lot of rewards, opportunities, and progress attached to the gaming niche and this, therefore, makes thousands of people put their interest in it more and more.

How Much Can a Gaming YouTuber Earn?

A gaming YouTuber can earn lots of money from his content. The top earners make around $50 million a year.

How Can One Gain 1000 Subscribers on His Gaming Channel?

A gamer can gain 1000 plus subscribers by optimizing his YouTube channel, creating high-quality videos and promoting them, exploring the platform’s analytics, and uploading YouTube gaming videos constantly.

Is It Difficult to Become a Gaming YouTuber?

It isn’t difficult to become a gaming YouTuber. Still, you have to invest enough time and effort, such as constant editing, making videos, graphics, etc. However, when you’re done with all that, the rest of the journey is much easier. You only have to post consistently to ensure your channel grows.

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