In-Depth Analysis of YouTube Suggested Videos  


YouTube suggested videos are recommended by YouTube based on what people watched before. YouTube knows that users have distinct viewing habits, so they compare one’s viewing habits with the ones similar to his. Your videos can be recommended on YouTube if you follow the right steps. 

A creator who has knowledge of YouTube’s algorithm is interested in one thing which is getting his content recommended to more users. Everyone wants the platform to notice their videos, know their subject, and suggest them to many viewers. An ideal action for you to take as a beginner is to comprehend YouTube-suggested videos and the way they are recommended.  

You would love to know why YouTube’s algorithm suggests several videos and ignores some. When you have this information, you’ll be able to break down how the algorithm works, especially its recommendation engine that’s promoting content to a lot of people.

Seeking to learn about YouTube-suggested videos? Read on to discover more. 

What Is YouTube Suggested Videos? 

YouTube-suggested videos are content that YouTube recommends according to what a viewer was watching before. It’s mainly user behavior that governs the content that the Home page and Suggested Videos recommend.  

YouTube recommendation settings track what users watch, the length of time they spend watching them, what they skip, etc. That will aid YouTube in deciding on the video types that viewers love best and then recommending such to them. 

How to Get Recommended on YouTube 

Everyone wants their videos to get recommended on YouTube. Follow these tips to ensure that your content comes up in YouTube-suggested videos; 

1. Check the Watch History of Viewers 

When you are still a small creator, know that your channel depends majorly on YouTube’s algorithm. Your content is ready for viewing but unfortunately, it cannot get to people by itself. Your videos have to be propelled across YouTube and the help you are seeking will come from YouTube’s recommendation system. On the platform, this happens if you get some views on your new video.  

Therefore, when you go to the watch history of viewers, YouTube will start to comprehend the audience your content is for, and then make good recommendations. YouTube even stated that the most vital factor is to discern the users that will be interested in the videos. This is a thing that is mostly difficult for fresh videos because YouTube does not have enough information about them.  

Therefore, do not be ashamed to promote your content even when you don’t have an audience yet. Feel free to share your videos in useful online communities and receive initial views. Then, train YouTube’s algorithm on your channel’s audience. 

2. Be Attentive to YouTube Metadata 

One of the ways to make YouTube recommend one’s content is to describe it in an accurate way. Therefore, meticulously think about each video’s title and description in your channel. It might seem unimportant, but it’ll aid the algorithm in understanding one’s content and suggesting it to the right people. When a channel doesn’t have any viewers, YouTube’s algorithm actually depends on the videos’ titles and descriptions.  

Therefore, do not be anxious when your videos don’t have any views. Metadata can be used and analyzed by YouTube’s algorithm to place one’s videos on the platform’s search page. This will lead to more clicks, more data to be processed, and more recommendations for one’s channel. Don’t forget to utilize popular and less competitive keywords so you’ll have a higher opportunity to stand out. 

3. Boost Your Watch Time 

If one increases his YouTube watch time, it’s among the best ways to get his video recommended. Watch time ranking signal informs YouTube’s algorithm of what users love watching. Also, most times, the platform utilizes watch time for making personalized suggestions for YouTubers. You’ll surely like people to watch your videos for a very long time.  

When one has higher watch hours and lower drop-off, that’ll signal to YouTube that his videos engage, provide value, and should be recommended. Therefore, utilize powerful captivating hooks in your first 30 seconds to grab attention. Speed up your videos with constant segmenting for scenes to fly by. Additionally, constantly deliver on your videos’ titles and thumbnails promise. 

4. Target Viewer Satisfaction 

Satisfied viewers are happy viewers and YouTube’s algorithm is aware of this. Therefore, in order for one’s videos to be recommended, he needs many engagements from his audience. YouTube pays attention to views, likes, comments, shares, etc. when deciding on the content to suggest. It’s okay to ask people to “like” and “share” one’s content using an authentic call-to-action.  

Then after that, how will one create satisfying videos that users engage with in a natural way? It is mostly based on emotion. You’ll surely love viewers to see your videos as life-changing and motivating, including other amazing descriptions. This way, they’ll be inspired to like and share your videos. Try to master the art of storytelling. Making people emotional is a great means of creating suggested videos. 

Additional Tips to Make Your YouTube Video Get Recommended 

These steps above will aid your videos in appearing on the home pages of users and beside content they are already viewing. Also, try out these extra tips to get your content to appear in YouTube suggested videos; 

  • Look at the recommended content besides that of your competitors and make similar content. 
  • Create timely content so the platform may suggest your own whenever a hot topic explodes. 
  • Pay attention to audience retention, mostly in your first 30 seconds to increase your watch time. 


How Does YouTube Decide Suggested Videos? 

YouTube knows that people have distinct viewing habits, so their system will compare your viewing habits with the ones similar to yours. Then, it will use this data to suggest other videos you’d like to watch. 

Where Are Suggested Videos on YouTube Located? 

Suggested videos on YouTube come up beside the video you are currently watching on desktops or under the current video on mobiles when you are on YouTube’s website. 

Why Does YouTube Use Suggestions? 

If you begin a YouTube search, you’ll see what you are seeking faster with automated suggestions. They’re termed search predictions and they originate from possible search words that relate to what you are seeking and what others have looked for already. 

Why Is YouTube Not Suggesting My Videos? 

YouTube is not suggesting your videos because of some reasons like low engagement. When your videos have low engagement like fewer views, comments, shares, and likes, the YouTube algorithm will be less likely to suggest them to others. Also, bad video quality is another reason. When your videos are of bad quality, YouTube may not suggest them to others. 

Why Does YouTube Keep Changing the Algorithm? 

YouTube algorithm won’t stay the same forever. It changes continuously using various metrics and signals. The changes are made to boost ad revenue and the time that users spend on videos. 

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