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Knowing how to pick the right niche on YouTube is important and if you choose wisely, you will have a very successful channel with lots of subscribers.

Picking a niche on YouTube is somehow difficult and confusing. The YouTube niche finder stage is critical for creators because it is one of the determinants of a channel’s success. Viewers do check out a YouTube channel’s general theme and ask themselves: Is this right for me? Then, apart from that, one must consider the recommendation system of YouTube. It analyzes the niche of a channel and tries to show its content to users having similar interests. Wondering how to find your niche on YouTube? Read on to find out! 

What is YouTube Niche? 

A YouTube niche is the major topic and category a creator concentrates on whenever a person is making YouTube videos. When a creator’s topic is in a particular niche, it’ll be easy for YouTube’s algorithm and target audience to see the channel as a guru in the niche.  

Also, a niche means the genre a creator explores in his/her channel. Several niches are on YouTube including gaming, tech, fitness, sports, health, finance, pets, business, beauty, music, food, and cooking, etc. 

Best Methods to Find a YouTube Niche 

Are you looking for the perfect YouTube niche for yourself? These are the best methods to choose a niche that aligns well with you so your channel can grow fast. 

1. Pick a Niche That is Inside Another Niche 

If one’s content is more focused, it will bring about more growth. Maybe you want to start a channel in the comedy niche. It will be somehow tricky due to the fact that though everybody likes laughing, people laugh at different things. Therefore, telling jokes or creating funny content appealing to a wide audience isn’t enough.  

You’ll get to your target audience when you niche down to particular funny events or scenes. Your niche can even be inside a niche that is inside another niche. For example, instead of focusing on general technology, you should narrow down to one particular niche within tech. When you pick a niche inside a niche, you’ll then see your audience.  

When finding this type of niche, be sure that it has a compelling subgenre and an underserved one that you can create videos for. When you don’t have a specific niche and your videos are everywhere, you’ll receive fewer recommendations but a creator having a particular niche will receive more. 

2. Pick a Niche Bringing in Lots of YouTube Views 

Another method is picking a topic that receives more views than others. For example, your audience might have more interest in audio topics rather than general tech. If you create content on that niche your audience prefers, you will see that it will outperform your other videos by far with much more views and engagement. Therefore, do not be scared of experimenting. Create different content and find the one that works best for you. 

3. Analyze Your Niche’s Competition 

Picking a niche is more difficult than you think. This is because several other YouTubers get lots of views for that exact niche. You are still starting out from scratch and that will make standing out difficult. One has to decide on what to do. Will you fight to get to the top or pick a niche having fewer competitors?  

You can join the niche with the huge competition, however growing on YouTube is easier when one chooses a less competitive niche. As a small creator, don’t try competing with a much bigger creator that has about one million subscribers. It’s better for one to make content on topics that his competitors are not exploring.  

Create content on a topic that a lot of channels aren’t doing already. In case you have an idea that is unique, be very serious about it before another person takes over it. The right niche for your channel is the one that nobody focuses on, but people will love to watch. 

4. Pick a Niche with Endless Content 

Pick a niche that will enable you to continue to create more content for your viewers. If you pick the right niche, there will be no chance of slowing down on your video creation. If you are someone who likes working a lot, you will have enough content to create for your audience. Therefore, pick the niche that’ll give you many videos to create. There is nothing as bad as when one runs out of ideas during the first few months of content creation. 

5. Choose a Niche You Have Passion for 

Is the niche you picked motivating you to get up, create content, and stay motivated throughout the entire process? Building a YouTube channel takes time therefore the passion must originate from you alone.  

Ensure that you are on the YouTube platform for a good reason and let passion, financial freedom, growth, and community help be part of your reasons for opening a channel. The ideal niche for a creator is the one he has a passion for and would love to build a following with. 

YouTube Niches with The Highest Profits 

Immediately after finding an ideal niche for yourself, you will have to think about earnings. Is earning more AdSense revenue your aim or earning via brand deals, affiliate programs, or merchandise? In case it’s AdSense you are targeting, it’s important to be aware of the YouTube niches having a higher cost per mile (CPM) for 1,000 views. The profitable YouTube niches to try out now are. 

  • Making money online 
  • Tech and gadgets 
  • Personal Finance 
  • ASMR  
  • Education 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Cars  
  • Fashion and try-on hauls 

They all have CPMs from $4 above according to research. Now you may be wondering how the niches’ CPMs have an effect on your earnings. In case you are from the United States and own a tech channel, you may earn $20 per 1,000 views when you allow ads on your videos.  

Then, if your goal is to earn $100 per video and have a $20 CPM for 1000 views, you’ll just require 5,000 views per video to achieve this goal and that is very much possible. However, note that CPMs fluctuate due to demand, season, one’s audience type, etc. 


How Much Does YouTube Pay for Niche? 

YouTube earnings depend on the Revenue Per Mille (RPM) of a channel. It means the amount YouTube creators are paid for 1,000 views. RPMs can be between $0.50 and $100 plus and this depends on one’s niche together with several other considerations. Also, creators’ revenue varies from one month to another. 

Which YouTube Niche Has Less Competition? 

Though the tech and gadgets niche has a lot of creators talking about it on their channels, it is continuously evolving. That is the reason why this niche has topics that have less competition. It is also among the best automation niches on YouTube. 

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