YouTube Channel Name Ideas: Crafting from Scratch

Views4You crafted 350 YouTube channel name ideas for you, and explained 55 tips to have a creative username from scratch.

Youtube! It’s where everyone wants to be on these days. That’s why the number of people or businesses opening a YouTube channel is increasing. Naturally, many different YouTube channel names are out there, and maybe you think it’s hard to come up with a unique YouTube channel name ideas any longer.

If you want to be someone other than the one whose Youtube channels are rooted deep down on YouTube, you should have memorable Youtube channel names rather than random Youtube channel names. You may have an idea about the type of video content you will create on YouTube, and you can’t just find a channel name.

Don’t worry! If you follow the right path, you’ll find your own YouTube channel name, and have plenty of ideas about what a good YouTube channel name looks like. We’re going to craft them from scratch.

What is Youtube Channel Name?

A YouTube channel name is the name given to a specific YouTube account or page where videos can be uploaded and shared. It is the unique identifier for a particular account on the platform. The channel name can be customized by the owner of the channel and can be anything they choose, as long as it adheres to YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service.

Where does it Show?

A YouTube channel name is shown in several places on the platform:

  1. Channel page: When a user visits a YouTube channel, the channel name is prominently displayed at the top of the page, along with the channel’s profile picture and cover art.
  2. Search results: When a user searches for a particular topic or keyword on YouTube, the channel name appears in the search results along with the video titles and descriptions.
  3. Video page: When a user watches a video on YouTube, the channel name is displayed beneath the video title, along with the channel’s profile picture and a link to the channel page.
  4. Comments: When a user leaves a comment on a video, their channel name is displayed next to their comment, along with their profile picture.
  5. In addition, the channel name is also displayed on the creator’s YouTube dashboard and in the URL for their channel.

For example, when users come across your videos in search results, they’ll see your channel name right next to it.

perfect youtube channel name needs right research.

Again, when they click on your YouTube videos, they immediately see your name below your video.

creative youtube channel name will target audience in a right way.

When they click on your profile, they are greeted by your channel name.

unique youtube channel name can be found thorough name generators.

Why Finding Right Username on YouTube is So Important?

Having an perfect Youtube channel name that is well crafted and created in line with the dynamics of YouTube will help you rank higher in search results and also attract viewers to your channel. Remember, the competition is fierce here!

Check the reasons why YouTube username is important:

  1. Branding: The channel name is a key part of a creator’s brand on YouTube. It is often the first thing that viewers see when they visit a channel and can help to establish a creator’s identity and niche.
  2. Discoverability: A well-chosen channel name can help a creator to be more easily discovered on YouTube. By including relevant keywords in the channel name, creators can improve their visibility in search results and attract more viewers.
  3. Memorability: A catchy or memorable channel name can help viewers to remember a creator’s channel and return for future content. This is especially important for creators who are trying to build a loyal audience.
  4. Consistency: By using a consistent channel name across all social media platforms and other online channels, creators can ensure that their audience can easily find and follow them.
  5. Legitimacy: Having a professional and well-thought-out channel name can help to establish a creator’s legitimacy and credibility on YouTube. This is particularly important for creators who are looking to monetize their content or collaborate with other creators or brands.

55 Tips to Have Catchy Channel Name

Of course, creating catchy YouTube channel names lies in your creativity. But you need to combine this creativity with the right moves. When it comes to YouTube names, the creativity of your channel name is very much related to how much it reflects your content and the profile of your channel. So, you should combine your creativity with YouTube dynamics. Let’s see, what to do:

  1. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Be memorable.
  3. Use keywords.
  4. Use your brand identity.
  5. Wake the artistic soul in you.
  6. Be unique.
  7. Make it easy to pronounce and spell.
  8. Consider your niche.
  9. Avoid numbers and special characters.
  10. Use puns or humor.
  11. Keep it professional.
  12. Test it out with friends and family.
  13. Use alliteration.
  14. Incorporate your own name or brand.
  15. Use a rhyme or rhythm.
  16. Make it positive and upbeat.
  17. Use an action verb.
  18. Check the same name if available
  19. Include a question or statement.
  20. Use a reference to pop culture.
  21. Use a location-based name.
  22. Use a character or mascot.
  23. Use a descriptive adjective.
  24. Include a symbol or icon.
  25. Play with the spelling.
  26. Use a foreign word or phrase.
  27. Use a slang term.
  28. Use an acronym.
  29. Use a paradox or oxymoron.
  30. Use a metaphor or simile.
  31. Use a mythological reference.
  32. Use a nature-inspired name.
  33. Use a historical reference.
  34. Use a musical term.
  35. Use a sports reference.
  36. Use a technology-inspired name.
  37. Use a food-inspired name.
  38. Use a color-inspired name.
  39. Use a travel-inspired name.
  40. Use a space-themed name.
  41. Use a fashion-inspired name.
  42. Use a health and wellness-inspired name.
  43. Use a spiritual or philosophical term.
  44. Use a fictional character’s name.
  45. Use a career or industry-related name.
  46. Use a hobby or interest-related name.
  47. Use a pet-related name.
  48. Use a weather-related name.
  49. Use a unique or made-up word.
  50. Use a name that invokes curiosity.
  51. Use a name that sounds futuristic.
  52. Use a name that sounds exclusive or elite.
  53. Use a name that implies expertise or authority.
  54. Use a YouTube name generator.
  55. Catch the channel’s vibe in the name.

Things You Should Be Aware Before Finding the Best YouTube Channel Name

Choosing the right YouTube channel name is crucial for creating a strong brand and attracting the right audience. In this regard, it’s essential to be aware of the things you should consider before finding the best YouTube channel name that not only stands out from the crowd but also helps you build a loyal audience and achieve your goals on the platform.

Respect Youtube Community Guidelines

If you want to create content on YouTube, you need to follow their community guidelines. This includes your channel name. So when coming up with the best youtube channel name ideas, stay away from names that may violate Youtube guidelines. Remember that creating hostile, violent, hateful channel names will result in the banning of your YouTube account. To find out more, read Youtube’s relevant guidelines in detail. In this way, beyond the penalties you may receive, you will also avoid being ranked lower in the algorithms with small mistakes you will make without realizing it.

Try the Youtube Channel Name Generator

If you have an idea of what kind of channel you want your channel to be, but are struggling to come up with an appropriate name for it, using a YouTube name generator can make it easier for you. Youtube name generator tools usually take basic info about your channel and generate the best possible youtube channel names.

Here, it is extremely important to choose the keywords you will enter into the name generator in a way that reflects the spirit of your channel. After that, all you have to do is choose one of your favorite ones among the names suitable for many different niches.

Cool Youtube Channel Names With the Most Watched YouTube Niches

There are Views4You has listed some 350 creative YouTube channel name ideas. All available to use!

50 LifeStyle Youtube Channel Names

  1. An Elite Life
  2. Vlog of the World
  3. Jazzy’s Diary
  4. Daily Dose of Joel
  5. Inside Life
  6. LifeLane
  7. Cool Mundane
  8. A Daily Digest
  9. Series Daily
  10. Episodes of My Life
  11. Daily L
  12. Tips Life
  13. Lives Elite
  14. Selected Life
  15. Joe’s Life TV
  16. Life Expert
  17. Life Journal
  18. Life Circles
  19. Lives Vives
  20. Daily Vibe
  21. It happened
  22. Living Large
  23. Every Step of The Way
  24. Diary of My Life
  25. My Ridiculous Life
  26. Beauty of Everything
  27. Style Professor
  28. Your Fashion Photographer
  29. Imagination Street
  30. My Luxury Life
  31. Lifestyle Lounge
  32. The Daily Shot
  33. Living the Dream
  34. Modern Living
  35. The Good Life
  36. Life Hacks 101
  37. Simply Living
  38. Everyday Elegance
  39. The Simple Life
  40. The Life Edit
  41. The Lifestyle Edit
  42. The Everyday Edit
  43. Life Simplified
  44. Life Made Easy
  45. The Lifestyle Guru
  46. The Balanced Life
  47. Live Well with Me
  48. The Life Lab
  49. The Joyful Life
  50. The Life Adventure

50 Entertainment Youtube Channel Names

  1. For Sure Leisure
  2. Talk Plots
  3. Frank Prank
  4. Yak Joke
  5. Humor Zoomer
  6. Click Trick
  7. Joke Parody
  8. Fun Limited
  9. Scripted Life
  10. Gunny Funny
  11. Chuckle Deckle
  12. Treasure Leisure
  13. Daily Laugh
  14. Trend Smile
  15. Smile Base
  16. Entertain Point
  17. Smile Buster
  18. Leisure Nature
  19. Amuse World
  20. Complete Giggle
  21. Skippy
  22. Fun is My Middle Name
  23. Morning Comedy
  24. Laughter Hunter
  25. Amuse Hour
  26. Knock Knock! Jokes
  27. Joke Book
  28. The Fun Academy
  29. The Basics of Fun
  30. Show Fun
  31. Entertainment Express
  32. Pop Culture Paradise
  33. Star Struck TV
  34. The Fun Zone
  35. The Entertainment Zone
  36. Screen Time TV
  37. The Film Fanatics
  38. The Junkies
  39. Hollywood Highlights
  40. Nation Wild
  41. The Showbiz Show
  42. Arena Arena
  43. Lights, Camera, Action!
  44. The Glam Life
  45. The Big Screen
  46. The A-List
  47. Pop Culture Playground
  48. Showbiz Insider
  49. Hollywood Happenings
  50. Entertain Hub

50 Game Niche Account Name Ideas

  1. Gaming Wireless
  2. Gamers Stop
  3. Star Gamer Box
  4. Holy Gamer
  5. Future Gamer
  6. Limitless Gamer
  7. Clumsy Gamer
  8. Infinite Gaming
  9. Awesome Gaming Tips
  10. Gaming Dish
  11. Gamer at Work
  12. Only Gaming
  13. Arcade Box
  14. Role Play Role, Play
  15. Mr Gaming and Sons
  16. Lord of Gamers
  17. Gaming is an Art
  18. My Gaming Diary
  19. Eye Of the Gamer
  20. Call Me a Gamer
  21. Gaming Box
  22. Everyday a New Game
  23. Game Bender
  24. GamingPot
  25. Game Life
  26. Adventure Gaming
  27. The Game Specialist
  28. Console Guru
  29. Nostalgia of Gaming
  30. Game Lawyer
  31. Game Vision
  32. Game On!
  33. Gaming Central
  34. The Gaming Zone
  35. The Gaming Network
  36. The Game Room
  37. Gamer’s Paradise
  38. Game Masters
  39. Gaming Universe
  40. The Gaming Chronicles
  41. The Gaming Squad
  42. The Gaming Corner
  43. Game Changer
  44. The Gaming Experience
  45. The Gaming Underground
  46. The Gaming Lounge
  47. The Gaming Realm
  48. The Gaming Lab
  49. The Gaming Galaxy
  50. The Gaming Odyssey.

50 Dance Youtube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Dance with Persha
  2. Dance Tube
  3. Dance Spot
  4. Dance Days
  5. Dance Vibes
  6. It is Dance!
  7. Dance Comedy
  8. Home Tango
  9. Tango Disco
  10. Free Dance
  11. Breakdance Hero
  12. Step Dances
  13. Mr Dance
  14. Dance Center
  15. Dancer Stories
  16. After Dance
  17. Dancer’s Way
  18. Call Me Dance
  19. Digital Dance Camp
  20. Dance Voices
  21. Tales From Dancer
  22. Dance Dance Dance
  23. Freestyle Dance Tournament
  24. Weekly Tango
  25. The Art of Ballet
  26. Dance Studio
  27. Synchronize Steps
  28. Dancing Through the Air
  29. Feel my Rhythm
  30. Quick Steps
  31. Your Dance Tutor
  32. Dance Chronicles
  33. The Dance Scene
  34. The Dance Hub
  35. The Dance Network
  36. The Dance Club
  37. Dance Central
  38. The Dance Zone
  39. Dance Dynasty
  40. The Dance Spotlight
  41. The Dance Beat
  42. The Dance Experience
  43. The Dance Floor
  44. The Dance Society
  45. The Dance Junction
  46. The Dance Vault
  47. The Dance Underground
  48. The Dance Groove
  49. The Dance Collective
  50. Dance Dynamics

50 Makeup Niche Youtube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Makeup Lady
  2. Miss Makeup
  3. This is Makeup
  4. Makeup Therapy
  5. People Makeup
  6. Makeup Select
  7. Makeup Real
  8. Creatively Makeup
  9. Makeupist
  10. Beauty Daily
  11. Future Beauty
  12. Classy Beauty
  13. Mystical Beauty
  14. Beauty Productions
  15. Beautyist
  16. Beauty Days
  17. Beauty River
  18. Quick Beauty
  19. Hello Makeup
  20. Let’s Makeup
  21. Watch my Beauty
  22. Cindirella in Town
  23. Barbie Girl
  24. Eternal Beauty
  25. The Beauty Miracle
  26. Beauty Roots
  27. Secret Beauty
  28. Millennium Beauty
  29. Makeup School
  30. Your Makeup Channel
  31. Glam Squad
  32. The Makeup Studio
  33. The Makeup Room
  34. The Makeup Spot
  35. The Makeup Maven
  36. The Beauty Bar
  37. The Makeup Lounge
  38. The Makeup Artist
  39. The Beauty Channel
  40. Makeup Mastery
  41. The Makeup Authority
  42. The Glam Life
  43. The Makeup Experience
  44. The Beauty Boutique
  45. The Makeup Society
  46. The Makeup Academy
  47. The Beauty Vibe
  48. The Makeup Scene
  49. The Makeup Lab
  50. The Beauty Emporium

50 Food Niche Youtube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Cooking Chronicles
  2. The Foodie Channel
  3. The Recipe Room
  4. The Kitchen Zone
  5. The Food Network
  6. Foodie Frenzy
  7. The Culinary Chronicles
  8. The Foodie Fix
  9. The Recipe Lab
  10. The Kitchen Studio
  11. The Foodie Experience
  12. The Cooking Class
  13. The Foodie Life
  14. The Recipe Vault
  15. The Foodie Journey
  16. The Kitchen Table
  17. The Foodie Connection
  18. The Recipe Collective
  19. The Kitchen Chronicles
  20. The Foodie Emporium
  21. Food Love
  22. Food Life
  23. Food Now
  24. World of Food
  25. Delicious News
  26. Delicious Vibes
  27. Cook Days
  28. Food Legacy
  29. Cook Warior
  30. Vintage tastes
  31. Cook with Verve
  32. Eat Tasty
  33. Magical Flavors
  34. Trendy Tastes
  35. All About Food
  36. Practical Dishes
  37. Cook Yummy Food
  38. In Pursuit of Unique Flavors
  39. My Cooking Diary
  40. Food Scene
  41. Foody
  42. Meat Grinder Man
  43. Monsieur Food
  44. Sous Chef
  45. Gourmet Table
  46. Dessert Heaven
  47. New Day New Recipe
  48. Chefs Clash
  49. False Chef
  50. Amateur Chef

50 Travel Niche Channel Name Ideas

  1. Introduction to Travel
  2. Travel 101
  3. Chill Wanderer
  4. On the Road Again
  5. Traveler’s Route
  6. Travel Time
  7. Take a Ride
  8. To Travel!
  9. Wanderer’s Backpack
  10. Traveling the World
  11. Always Far Away
  12. Traveler’s Spot
  13. Traveler’s Notes
  14. Traveler Tales
  15. Veni Vidi Vici
  16. Wanderer at Work
  17. Trips More
  18. Exploring Places Around the World
  19. Mister Wander
  20. Traveler’s Way
  21. New Path
  22. Hitchhikers
  23. Cycle Around the World
  24. Hit the Road Mate
  25. Your Travel Companion
  26. Tips Before Visiting
  27. Start the Engine!
  28. Cycle Diaries
  29. Travel Experts
  30. Travel Tips
  31. Wanderlust Adventures
  32. The Travel Bug
  33. The Nomad Life
  34. The Travel Chronicles
  35. The Journey Channel
  36. The Travelogue
  37. The Roaming Channel
  38. The Explorer’s Guide
  39. The Traveler’s Hub
  40. The Travel Insider
  41. The Travel Diaries
  42. The Travel Tribe
  43. The Adventure Channel
  44. The Travel Society
  45. The Globetrotter’s Club
  46. The Travel Connection
  47. The Travel Squad
  48. The Travel Gazette
  49. The Journey Zone
  50. The Travel Portal

These YouTubers Made the Most Successful Youtube Channels: Here are their Names

T-Series: The Indian music label and film production company has the most subscribers on YouTube, with over 237 million subscribers.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: An animated channel featuring nursery rhymes and educational videos for children, with over 155 million subscribers.

SET India: A channel featuring Indian television shows, with over 152 million subscribers.

MrBeast: A channel featuring stunts, challenges, and philanthropy, with over 136 million subscribers.

PewDiePie: A gaming and commentary channel hosted by Felix Kjellberg, which has over 111 million subscribers.

Like Nastya: A children’s channel featuring educational videos and vlogs, with over 104 million subscribers.

Vlad and Nikita: A children’s channel featuring educational and entertaining videos, with over 94.3 million subscribers.

WWE: A professional wrestling channel featuring matches, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, with over 93.6 million subscribers.

5-Minute Crafts: A DIY and life hacks channel, with over 79.1 million subscribers.

Zee Music Company: An Indian music channel, with over 77 million subscribers.

Justin Bieber: A music channel featuring the Canadian pop star, with over 71 million subscribers.

Canal KondZilla: A Brazilian music and entertainment channel, with over 66.4 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect: A sports and entertainment channel featuring trick shots and stunts, with over 58.9 million subscribers.

Marshmello: A music channel featuring the American DJ and producer, with over 56.1 million subscribers.

Ryan’s World: A children’s channel featuring toy reviews and challenges, with over 34.4 million subscribers.

Netflix: A channel featuring trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes content for Netflix original shows and movies, with over 26 million subscribers.

James Charles: A beauty and makeup channel hosted by James Charles, with 23.8 million subscribers.

Zoella: A beauty, lifestyle, and fashion channel hosted by Zoe Sugg, with over 10.7 million subscribers.

How Can I Change My Youtube Channel Name

After reading this article, you may found new YouTube channel name ideas and want to change your name on the platform. Fortunately, Youtube offers this opportunity for several times, and it is possible to change your it within minutes. Let’s see how to change your Youtube name.

o change your YouTube channel name, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

  1. Click on the “Your Channel” button.

Click on the "Your Channel" button.

  1. Click on “Customize channel” next to “Manage videos”.

Click on "Customize channel" next to "Manage videos".

  1. Click on “Basic Info” under Channel customization.

Click on "Basic Info" under Channel customization.

  1. Type in your new channel name in the “Name” field.
  2. Click “OK” to save your new channel name.

Note 1: that it may take some time for the new name to appear on your channel, as it can take a few hours or days for the change to be fully processed. Also, keep in mind that you are only allowed to change your channel name three times every 90 days, so choose your new name carefully.

Note 2: Don’t forget to get your personelized YouTube channel URL.

Note 3: Soon, apply the YouTube verification badge to protect you unique channel with that blue mark.


Voila! You made it! Unique YouTube channel names come with Views4You guide!

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