Decoding Instagram Slang: Modern Dictionary 


Stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram slang to enhance your social media interactions:

  • IG: Instagram.
  • DM: Direct Message.
  • #tbt: Throwback Thursday.
  • LOL: Laughing out loud.
  • BTS: Behind the scenes.
  • #f4f: Follow for follow.
  • ICYMI: In case you missed it.
  • AMA: Ask me anything.
  • #ootd: Outfit of the day.
  • YOLO: You only live once.
  • GOAT: Greatest of all time.

Understanding these terms will help you connect better with your audience, boost engagement, and navigate Instagram like a pro. Learn more about Instagram slang to stay ahead in your social media game.

Instagram’s impact on people’s daily lives is growing significantly along with its increased usage. These impacts are much more apparent in our way of life, including our education, advertising, and even society. Apart from these consequences, this social media platform has altered the way we communicate with its Instagram slang.  

Let’s look at the slang terms for 2024 to keep pace with this popular social media platform. 

Learn Speaking with Instagram Slang Terms

You will undoubtedly encounter Instagram’s slightly peculiar slang if you are an Instagrammer. As a user, you definitely need to learn the lingo of the application in order to make your conversation better.  

Instagram users commonly utilize a number of abbreviations for a variety of purposes. While some are exclusive to Instagram, others can also be used on various popular platforms. Knowing them is also helpful when posting content or promoting a service or product on Instagram.  

Let’s glance at some frequently used Instagram slang terms. 


First, you need to learn the basic ones. IG is the abbreviation of Instagram which you can see it a lot on the app. 


This is used as the abbreviation for Instagrammers. The people who are on Instagram are called Instagrammers.  


You use every day “direct messages” to send private messages to your friends or family members. 


Here is one of the most popular Instagram slang words. This abbreviation means “Throwback Thursday” and people use this hashtag to share an old picture. It can be said that this is a method to cherish happy memories from an enjoyable moment happening in the past.  


LOL is the classic way to laugh. This abbreviated term stands for “laughing out loud.”  


This means “in my honest opinion” which can be used on other social media platforms.  


This is a hashtag for IG posts. It is used when you repost a picture from other Igers. 


BTS means “behind the scenes” which can be used by brands, influencers, or actors on Instagram. It is mostly used with a hashtag.  


This hashtag is used in the description section when you share a photo to show your mood. 


TBH stands for “to be honest.” 


“Explain like I’m 5” is what ELI5 stands for. It’s a tactful technique for requesting someone to express themselves in the most basic language possible.  


This is also a hashtag. You can use this Instagram slang when you share a pet photo.  


F4F, which stands for follow for follow, in short. To get followers, Instagrammers include #f4f in their posts. 


“In case you missed it” corresponds to the ICYM abbreviation. 


You can use the hashtag #ff to encourage others to follow your IG page. 


“Ask me anything” is AMA in Instagram slang. Celebrities utilize this abbreviation during Instagram Live or interviews.  


This is one of the most popular ones, which means “photo of the day.”  The users can use this Instagram slang when they share the finest image of that day.  


When someone reshares content on IG, that person can write #regram under the content.


This hashtag means “Flashback Friday.” You can utilize this instead of #tbt when you share your older images on Instagram.  


“You only live once” a.k.a. YOLO, is a popular Instagram slang. Igers can utilize this for perilous moments and thrilling adventures.  


#ootd stands for “Outfit of the day.” Influencers who want to share their stylish daily outfits use this hashtag under the post.


This is an extremely popular and well-known hashtag. An Instagrammer shares a selfie on Sunday and can use this hashtag.


It resembles #f4f. It means likes for likes, a user can use it to obtain more engagement metrics


“My Face When” is a famous acronym on IG. A user can write this while uploading a picture of herself reacting to an event or circumstance that best captures her feelings.  


The “Today I learned” phrase is equal to TIL. Social media users utilize this while sharing fascinating things they discover throughout the day. 


If you don’t use filters on your IG posts, you can use this hashtag. I think this is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. 


“Shoutout for a shout,” which is the abbreviation of S4S, is used to promote someone’s Instagram page.  


The “Greatest of all time” phrase also has an abbreviation which is GOAT.  


“As far as I know” is the abbreviation of AFAIK.  


Is it possible to create a new Instagram slang term? 

Yes, you can create by benefiting from abbreviations or short words. If you have lots of Instagram followers, the words you create become popular. As a result of popular slang terms, you can get more followers, likes, and views.  

How many words do I need to use to create an Instagram post description? 

You can write a paragraph with 330 words, which Instagram allows you. However, roughly 150 words are enough to type a creative description. Don’t forget to add Instagram slang terms. 

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Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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