How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram in 2024


You cannot see people’s likes from the tab, an old feature of Instagram. However, you can manually check the posts and likes list to see who liked the post.

On Instagram, one of the most crowded social media platforms, you might wonder who is liking what, with a glance over your followers’ activity.

Let’s see if there is a way, what could be more done.

You Can’t See People’s Likes from a Tab

Gone are the days when you stalk people from the “following” tab. Instagram has a tab where you can see other people’s likes. From there, you can see who likes whose posts. Instagram lets you see the interaction. However, this feature was not the best for everyone, and Instagram removed it in 2019.

Alternative Ways to See People’s Like

Let’s see if there is any other way around.

Manually Checking Posts to See Who Has Liked Them

You can check posts manually to see if a person has liked it. So, you can open a post and, by tapping on the likes of it, search manually for the username of the person to check if they liked it or not. Even though the user you want to look up is private, you can see them on the list.

  • Open Instagram.
  • Find the post you think the person has liked. Search with the username of the account.
  • Open the like list, which is under the like, comment, and share buttons.
  • By scrolling down, you can see the rest of the list. If you do not want to look for one by one, you can enter the username in the bar at the top of the list and see. When you cannot find the person whom you are looking for after typing in that means they didn’t like the post.

Note: You cannot hide your likes if you’ve already begun to think that. Sorry If you believe the person hid their likes, know that this is not possible. The only way for you not to see someone’s likes is if you’ve been blocked by that person.

Using a Third-Party App

There are various tools and apps that allow you to perform actions not built into Instagram. Additionally, you can track users’ likes with third-party apps.

However, I strongly recommend avoiding using these apps because probably they do not comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions. If you prefer using these apps, you risk your security, your data, and your Instagram account. These apps may collect your personal data. Therefore, you should not trust them and download them to your phone.

If you insist on using these apps, know that you risk your account. Then, at least look for an app with good reviews and reputation. If the app requires your password, avoid it!

Why Did Instagram Remove the Following Tab?

The following tab was removed from Instagram in 2019. Let’s explore some key reasons:

  • It is said that the tab was not used frequently enough, making it unnecessary. Therefore, it was removed to enhance the user experience.
  • Since it was not the most well-known and realized feature, there was a high chance that there were people who did not realize that their likes appeared on other people’s following tabs.
  • The Explore page is much better than the following tab for leading people to explore new content and accounts. This tab had become more irrelevant and unnecessary over time.
  • Simplicity might have been the aim of the removal of this feature. To be honest, I did not like the placement of the tab on the main screen.

A feature that allows for kind of stalking might not be the best feature for an app with a big impact. Therefore, there might have been misuse of this tab. By removing it, a more private and healthy Instagram community emerged.


Can I see my likes?

Yes, you can see your likes chronologically. Go to your Instagram page. Then find the three horizontal lines at the right of your screen. Then, choose “Your Activity”, then “Likes”.

What if the user I’m looking for on the likes list is a private account?

It doesn’t matter. Still, you can see the username of the account on the list. Or, if they liked your post once and now you are not following each other, you could see them on the list. Their privacy does not affect this.

Can I see other people’s likes with Instagram Insights?

No, you cannot other people’s likes by using Instagram analytics. You can use Instagram Insights to observe your performance. It provides analytics about your performance. You cannot see other people’s analytics or likes through Instagram Insights.

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