How to Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram (2024) 


With these easy steps, you’ll know how to follow Facebook friends on Instagram. Just go to your profile, click on discover people and connect to Facebook. That’s all you need to do!

Welcome to Instagram where people share their memories in this huge community and your Facebook friends are part of it. Don’t you worry about keeping up with them because I’ll show you how to follow Facebook friends on Instagram. 

Instagram must have been thinking about this issue because the platform has a super cool feature that helps users find their Facebook friends on Instagram. Within a couple of steps, your profile be surrounded by your loved ones. 

Why Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram 

Being on a new platform means new social networking, and without our family, friends, and colleagues, it can be boring. Following your friends makes the experience much better. You can send reels, memes, and cool places for a travel idea to each other, making Instagram a more enjoyable place for you. 

Have you heard of the term FOMO? It stands for the fear of missing out, and it’s quite common these days. I have it too; personally, I wouldn’t want to miss out on what my friends are up to across platforms. 

Step by Step How to Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram 

Alright, let’s not waste any more time and find answers to our questions. With these simple steps, you can follow your friends in the blink of an eye. 

  1. First thing first, go to your profile. 
  1. Click on the little person silhouette with a plus on its left, it’s called “Discover People.” 
  1. At the upper side of the page, you’ll see the “Connect to Facebook” button, click on it. 
  1. After you access Facebook through Instagram, you can follow your friends on the list. 

And that’s it. Super easy, right? Just follow these steps and in no more than two minutes, you’ll find your friends. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

Even the easiest things can malfunction; it could be from the internet connection, servers, privacy settings, and all. Let’s talk about how to overcome these challenges.  

  • Connection Problem: If you are struggling to connect to Facebook, you may have a connection problem because of the internet. Make sure you are properly connected to the internet.  
  • Servers Are Down: Sometimes, it’s not you, it’s them, alright? You can check the server’s status on Google to see whether they are down or not.  
  • Cookies: God, I cannot tell you how much I love cookies, but internet cookies can be problematic sometimes. By clearing cache and cookies, you can solve your connection problems.  
  • Updates: Maybe you just need to update your applications. Go and check whether they are up to date or not.  
  • Restart: A good ol’ fashioned restart can be the key, my friend. Give it a shot. 

If you say, “I’m connected to Facebook, there’s no problem at all, but I can’t find my friends,” don’t worry, I’ve got your back. 

  • Search by Name: Sometimes people forget or don’t want to connect to Facebook, making it harder to locate them. Go ahead and search for them by name, but make sure you are spelling their names correctly. 
  • Privacy Settings: Facebook has great privacy features, and it wouldn’t surprise me if your friends restricted who can find them. Try asking them about it. 
  • Search Filters: Maybe you’ve narrowed it down too much. Try using broader search filters. 
  • Mutual Friends: If you have mutual friends, you can find them on their profile or ask them to share their profile with you. 
  • Facebook Support: Well, you’ve tried everything, and still nothing. It’s time to contact Facebook support for more advanced solutions. 

Well, my friends, we’ve learned how to follow Facebook friends on Instagram today with easy and effective steps. Also, we know what to do if we have any issue about finding friends or connecting to Facebook. Until next time, take care of yourselves! 


Can I follow all my Facebook friends at once on Instagram? 

That is not a capability of any feature like that. After linking your accounts, you must follow every Facebook friend one by one on Instagram. 

Are my Facebook and Instagram activities linked after connecting accounts? 

Activities do not link when your accounts are linked. Manual Instagram post sharing on Facebook is an option though. 

Will my Facebook friends know if I follow them on Instagram? 

Yes, when you follow someone on IG, your friends on Facebook will get a notification. 

Can I disconnect my Facebook account from Instagram later? 

You may unlink your Facebook account from Instagram by heading to your Instagram settings and doing so. 

How can I ensure my Instagram account is secure after connecting to Facebook? 

For added security, enable two-factor authentication on both sites, use strong passwords, and often check your security settings. 

Written by
Beatriz Sirena

Beatriz Sirena, a true trailblazer in the world of social media and digital storytelling, seamlessly integrates her academic background with a wealth of creative expertise on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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