How To Delete Your YouTube Channel in a Few Simple Steps

Learn how to permanently delete your YouTube channel with our step-by-step guide. Providing helpful tips for ensuring a smooth transition.

Sometimes many people get tired of social media. Perhaps your YouTube career did not take off like you expected, or you post content on YouTube but don’t generate enough response and reactions like you thought you would. So, you’re probably thinking of how to delete your YouTube channel because you believe it’s the best option for you. If you’ve come to this stage in your journey, and that’s what you seek, then you’re at the right place. Deleting a YouTube channel is easy; you can complete it in minutes.  Just read on to find out the steps you need to take to delete your YouTube channel. However, perhaps you may want to try your luck again before you press that trash can icon. You just might succeed this time around if you are consistent and efficient.

Will It Delete Only YouTube or My Google Account, too?

Various Google accounts connect to different Google services, and the extent to which your account is deleted varies.  For instance, you may delete your channel, leading to the complete erasure of your videos, texts, and comments. Still, your Google account remains intact. But you can choose to delete the entire Google account. It’s your decision to make, so ponder over the particular one you would prefer to do. Nevertheless, if you must go ahead and you’re wondering how to delete your YouTube channel, and not your Google account, follow these steps below:

Deleting Your YouTube Channel on Desktop

Deleting your channel on a desktop is easy and straightforward. Follow the steps below:

1. Proceed to a web browser on your PC, click on the YouTube app, and log in to the account you intend to delete.

2. On the homepage, select settings on the left side.

Select settings on the left side.

3. Go to the Settings menu, then the Account tab, and select “View advanced settings”.

4. Press “Delete channel.” The system may ask you to enter your password again.

5. When the following page pops up, click “I want to permanently delete my content.”

Permanently delete my content on the following page.

6. A drop-down menu will ask you what you want to be permanently deleted. Proceeding, select all the boxes, then select the blue delete button.

7. Again, a pop-up will ask you to affirm the deletion of your content. Also, you may be required to fill in your email.

8. Press ‘Delete My Content’ once more.

That’s it. Your channel has been successfully deleted!

Note that if multiple Google accounts have been logged into the system, you must click “Manage your Google account” on the following page once more.

Usually, it takes just a few moments to delete a YouTube channel. However, this process may last longer when much content is available.

Delete a YouTube channel and thrown to bin.

Bear it in mind, however, that immediately you perform this action, it’s permanent, and you can’t ever regain the entire YouTube channel.

Deleting Your YouTube Channel on Mobile Devices

You can delete your YouTube account on various mobile devices as well. See how to do so in just a few quick steps.

1. Go to the YouTube app, and select the profile picture icon at the top-right corner of your home screen, then select “Manage Your Google Account”.

select the profile picture icon at the top-right corner of your home screen, then select "Manage Your Google Account".

2. Select the ‘Data and Privacy’ button

Select the Data and privacy button.

3. Then, click ‘Delete Account’ under the “Data and Privacy” tab.

4. Click ‘Delete a Google Service,’ and you must log in afresh.

The step to be taken to delete a Google service.

The system will allow you to download your data just before you delete your YouTube channel. If you intend to carry this out, select “Download Data.” Then, when you are set to delete your YouTube channel, press the trash can icon beside YouTube.

5. You will have to re-login when done. Afterward, select “I Want to Permanently Delete My Content, ” including any paid subscriptions.

6. You will see a drop-down menu pop out alongside a checkbox. Click the checkbox if you consent to all information provided.

7. Click on the blue “Delete My Content” button.

How To Delete A YouTube Channel On an iOS device

1. Select the profile picture icon close to your channel name on the YouTube app’s home screen. Then, click “Manage Your Google Account”.

2. Select the ‘Data’ button on the top tab. Then, scroll down and select “Delete Account.”

Select the ''account preferences' on the third row.

3. You’ll be prompted with an offer by the system to delete individual services or your entire Google account.

The step to take how to delete the Google services.

Select “Delete Google Services” to remove your channel.

Select "Delete Google Services" to remove your channel.

You’ll have to input your Google password.

4. Select the trash icon beside YouTube, which will completely remove every data.

How To Hide Your YouTube Channel

Opting to hide your YouTube channel follows the same steps as deleting it. The only difference is that you’ll select “hide content” rather than choose “delete.” You can temporarily hide your content if you wish to.

These are the steps:

1. Input your sign-in details and log in to YouTube Studio.

Sign in to YouTube Studio and click 'Settings'.

2. Select ‘Settings’ on the left sidebar, click on Channel, profile icon, then on the Advanced Settings tab.

3. Select “Remove YouTube Content” at the bottom. Then, you’ll be taken to the page for deleting or hiding your YouTube channel. Here also, you may be required to log in again.

4. Press the button and proceed to hide your content.

5. Affirm all you want to hide on your channel by checking the boxes.

6. Click on “Hide my channel.”


How Can One Permanently Delete A YouTube Channel?

To permanently delete your YouTube account, log in to YouTube Studio. Go to the left sidebar, and click Settings, Channel, and Advanced Settings. Select ‘Delete channel’ at the bottom. Then, you’ll be redirected to another page. There, you may choose to remove your channel or hide it. Again, you will be required to input your log in info. After doing this, press the ‘permanently delete my content’ button. Affirm all the content you want to hide in your channel by checking the boxes. Lastly, click on ‘Delete my YouTube content’. Then, proceed to delete your channel.

How Can I Delete My YouTube Channel from A Phone?

To delete YouTube channels, open YouTube. On the screen, select the profile icon at the top-right corner. Then, select “Manage Your Google Account”. Proceed to the top tab, select ‘Data and Privacy’, then navigate down to click “Delete”. Afterward, the system will allow you to choose to either delete individual services or your Google account. Then, to proceed with the deletion of your YouTube channel, click “Delete a Google Service”. You’ll have to input your Google password. Select the trash can icon, and the YouTube data will be removed.

How Can I Delete a YouTube Account Without Deleting My Google account?

When you select ‘Data’ and afterward select ‘Delete,’ you’ll be asked if you want to delete a YouTube account or delete your Google account entirely. Then, if it is just a channel you need to delete, remove a Google Service. So, you can delete a channel, and it won’t affect your entire account.

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