11 Best YouTube Sponsorship Sites for Brand Deals


Aspire Media, Brand Backer, and Scrunch are the most famous sponsorship sites. Additionally, YouTubers also use Famebit, Izea, Spacestation, or TapInfluence to get sponsorship. So, choose a sponsorship program that is best aligned with your niche and audience.

Brand deals or sponsorships play a crucial role in a YouTube content creator’s finances. But it is very challenging to get sponsored by a brand when you are a new creator. Don’t worry; media companies can help you connect with suitable brands. Here, I have included the 11 best YouTube sponsorship sites where you will find the best brand deals.

These sites can fuel your economy, and you will have the motivation to make more videos. In the early days, content creators often pitched to individual brands for sponsorship. It was challenging to craft an email, and measure rates, and even scamming was also a big issue. By overcoming these issues, you can now earn a handsome amount of money from sponsorship.

There are many sponsorship sites available on the market for YouTube creators. YouTube BrandConnect, Izea, Aspire, Grapevine, and Channel Pages are the most famous sites. You can choose the best one for your channel in your niche. So, let’s explore these 11 most popular sponsorship sites. 

1. YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube has its own sponsorship program called YouTube BrandConnect. In my opinion, this is one of the best platforms for brand deals. Because it offers branded content campaigns on your YouTube studio. But you have to be eligible to use this money-making feature from YouTube. Let’s see how you can `be eligible and intend from the YouTube BrandConnect.


  • Age: at least 18+.
  • Countries: USA, UK, and Canada. Early stages in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.
  • YouTube Partner Program: Must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Fresh YouTube Record: Free from active Community Guideline strikes on your channel.

Remember that you will need an invitation from YouTube to get this feature. And, YouTube BrandConnect is currently in Beta version. 

2. Izea

Izea is a free sponsorship platform, especially for the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food industries. However, they encourage you to join all types of content creators for listing services. As a content creator, you will have two options, find and pitch brands or sell your service.

Conversely, brands can easily find and hire you to promote their products or services, one of the best YouTube monetization ways. Also, they have the option to purchase your services to scale influencer marketing efforts. 

3. Aspire

YouTube content creators often spend a lot of time finding sponsorship. Likely, brands also spend time and go through a hassle to find the right influencer. The Aspire has created a marketplace where brands can post jobs to promote their products. Meanwhile, you can pitch them to get sponsorship easily. 

4. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is now integrated with the Izea company, but they also work individually with content creators. You can sign up on this platform for free to find the best match sponsorship that aligns with your channel. Also, they offer content-boosting services.

5. Trending Family

Trending Family or Creator Wizard is the best solution to get a sponsor if you are a family content creator. The platform has a “creator group”, but they strongly prefer those content creators who create content for co-viewers like parents and kids. Also, you have to create high-quality content for the target audience to get sponsorship from this site.

Don’t worry, they also include micro YouTubers to their list for small brands. So if you are a new creator and have confidence in content quality, reach out to them. 

6. The Shelf 

The Shelf is a big influencer marketing agency offering various brand campaigns. If you are a creator of beauty, fashion, food, parenting, or home decor niche, then you can sign up as an influencer.

You can discover new products and potential collaborations with brands from The Shelf. Moreover, you will stay updated with the market and unlock creative ideas for your content. So you can consider this platform one of the best YouTube sponsorship sites this year. 

7. Spacestation

The Spacestation is serious about helping creators to connect with big brands. In my opinion, you need to try this site to get sponsorship. They really want to see you in a new height.

When you join this platform, they will try to connect you with good brands. But what will happen if brands don’t agree with you? Don’t worry, at least you will get paid for making a quality video. 

8. Makrwatch

Makrwatch offers to sign up for free to find the best sponsorship. Also, they will provide a creator dashboard for free, where you can track your earnings. If you join this sponsorship site, you will earn a good amount and get motivated to make more. The Makrwatch helps to collaborate with brands, more than thousands of creators per year. So today, join this platform to become one of the successful content creators. 

9. Scrunch 

Though Scrunch is not a direct sponsorship site, it can be a great tool for YouTube creators. Since it helps to find relevant products and brands that are ready to sponsor. Besides building connections between brands and influencers, it can help to track your channel metrics. So that you can measure the value of sponsorships according to the performance. 

10. BrandBacker 

BrandBacker is such a helpful platform for bloggers and content creators. It has 30,000+ influencers for lifestyle, fashion, beauty, DIY, menswear, food, and travel niches. If you found your YouTube videos relevant to these niches, then don’t forget to sign up.

Because BrandBacker has innovative companies that are ready to promote their products. Here you will have the option to discover brands and apply to their campaigns. Moreover, successful collaborations will make your profile stronger. So brands will value your experience in the future. 

11. Skeepers Community

Skeepers Community is a great place to improve your engagement with brands. You can take advantage in 3 ways from this sponsorship site. First, you can find your dream brand most easily. Second, it is a creator community, so you can connect with other creators and expand your network. Last, increase engagement with your audience by using Skeepers’s tools like creating polls, and quizzes.


What is the best website for sponsorships?

The best website for sponsorships depends on various things such as your niche, audience size, and content style. However, Aspire Media, Air Media-Tech, and TapInfluence are common and popular sponsorship sites. But you must research, and find the perfect brand that naturally aligns with your content and is helpful for your audience.

Where can I get sponsored on YouTube?

You can get sponsored on YouTube through sponsorship sites like Izea, Aspire, Semaphore, etc… Also, brand collaborations and YouTube’s own monetization programs are good options. Additionally, YouTube itself offers the YouTube BrandConnect program, you can try it.

What brands sponsor YouTubers the most?

It is difficult to say which specific brands sponsor YouTubers the most. It depends on your channel category and your niche. For example, gaming channels might attract game developers, but they will not offer a finance niche channel.

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