YouTube Thumbnail: Size Guidelines and Best Practices

Size guidelines and the best practice to create YouTube thumbnails for your videos. Using the right thumbnail significantly help your videos.

YouTube Thumbnail images offer a visual representation of content, providing an elegant entry point that invites users to explore further. The essence of what lies beneath one eye-catching YouTube thumbnail – a video or blog post – is vital for effectively monetizing and promoting online material.

The Dimensions for the Ideal YouTube Thumbnails

Your custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible, as it will also act like a preview image for the embedded player. If you want to make sure you are keeping it professional, we recommend you use custom thumbnails and follow these five easy steps to see success with video marketing on Google’s website or app.

● The most popular YouTube video sizes are between 1280 pixels wide by 720 tall.

● The YouTube thumbnails use an aspect ratio of 16:9.

● The YouTube thumbnail size must be a minimum width of 640 pixels wide.

● The max file size for this service is 2MB.

● The most commonly used image formats are JPG, GIF, and PNG.

How to Build a YouTube Thumbnail Image to Boost Your Video

YouTube automatically generates three thumbnails for your keywords when you upload a video. These random images are selected from video content found on our site and appear at the bottom of the page.

The three options to choose your YouTube thumbnail while posting a video.

The customized YouTube thumbnail adds a touch of professionalism to your videos. And with just a few clicks, you can use the YouTube thumbnail downloader and save the image you want to your server for future use.

YouTube Video Thumbnails Best Practices

Succeeding on YouTube is about more than just knowing what you are doing. You have to show that your knowledge is genuine and reliable by doing things well, which means knowing how they should be done in the first place. Here you can follow some YouTube thumbnail best practices to help you:

1. To Grab Attention, You Can Use Text Overlays

Think about your YouTube thumbnail as an appetizer for the rest of your video. There’s no need to dive into consuming content because that would be boring. Instead, make sure you give people enough information, so they know what’s coming their way before clicking on anything else, then watch how quickly more viewers come flooding in from all over social media.

2. Do It Suitably

Your YouTube thumbnails should accurately reflect the content in your videos. Nobody likes clickbait, so make sure that what you post online reflects an authentic and exciting story of good quality. Don’t use cheap advertising for yourself or other social media users who may share their work on these platforms.

The three options to choose your YouTube thumbnail while posting a video.

3. Insert Your Logo

The power of a logo is undeniable. Suppose you include your company’s branding in the YouTube thumbnail for every live video. In that case, people will be more likely to remember who YOU are when they’re searching, which can also increase viewer engagement. This can lead directly to some form of marketing or word-of-mouth advertising.

Vevo has a very straightforward approach to branding. They keep their logo in the bottom left-hand corner and place it consistently, which helps make them stand out from other music videos on YouTube or Netflix with no unique visual identity of their own.

Royalty free photos uploaded by Vevo for all their videos recorded by them.

You can still see the main image, but with this small logo addition, it’s clear that Vevo owns and uploaded this video.

4. Simplicity

You may have heard that YouTube thumbnails are pretty small. This means it’s important not to overcrowd your image, but there’s still a balance you need to strike when including logos and text overlays for them not be too overwhelming on screen.

The YouTube thumbnail should represent what is happening in your video, not too much information but just enough to make them interested.

5. Make Them Curious

Your video’s YouTube thumbnail is its most crucial element. It may be the deciding factor between whether or not someone watches your entire YouTube channel instead of just clicking away when they see something that doesn’t interest them in the captivating image you’ve put together.

The more curious people are about what happens in your video, the higher the chance they’ll click on it and watch its gloriously incredible moments. You can spark this interest with action shots like these.

Best YouTube thumbnail maker make the watchers curious to click on it.

If you don’t have any exciting shots in your video, why not spice it up with some graphics?

The display of the supervolcano thumbnail for Kurzgesagt channel.

6. Test It Out!

Finding the perfect YouTube thumbnail can be tricky, but there’s only one way to find out what works and doesn’t— test it out and avoid misleading images.

Viewers respond differently to text in YouTube thumbnails, so it’s worth testing out different types of captions for your videos. You can also change the size and font style—anything that will make them more engaging.

Testing and finding out what your viewers prefer is an entirely subjective decision.

7. Consistency

Consistency is critical when it comes to establishing yourself on YouTube. If you upload quality content and keep your viewers engaged, they’ll likely want to subscribe to follow along with what’s happening in future videos. Take this example of a successful creator who has built up their channel over time by posting high-quality video recordings daily.

A collage from many thumbnail videos on consistency.

Along with the YouTube thumbnails, test out different title lengths and styles. This will help you optimize your channel for success.

Examples of Top YouTube Thumbnails

Now that you’re an expert at creating custom YouTube thumbnails, let’s check out these awesome examples!

1. Refinery29

Refinery29 is an online magazine with the latest trends in fashion and beauty, with videos of how-to guides for every type.

Refinery29 also has a YouTube channel and TV show that features women in all shapes and sizes. From fashion tips for living your best life to straight-talking mini reports about the struggles of underprivileged countries around the globe, this outlet has got you covered.

Their YouTube thumbnail templates are sleek, sophisticated, and professional. They show a still image of the woman from their video with its logo in the bottom left corner for maximum impact.

A playlist from all the videos of the Refinery29 channel.

The more you put the logo in the YouTube thumbnail, the more it will strengthen your show on YouTube.

2. Yoga with Jessica Richburg

Yoga with Jessica has successfully amassed a yoga audience that provides free online hours for every level. The videos from their channel appear as the first 15 search results when you type ‘yoga’ on YouTube, and it is because of these beautiful YouTube thumbnails. To further explain your video’s subject matter, consider adding the video’s title to its thumbnail.

This is a classic Yoga with Jessica YouTube thumbnail:

A YouTube video from Jessica Richburg doing yoga.

This YouTube video thumbnail shows the instructor, Jessica, stretching and big text that displays the content in this video.

Two of the videos on YouTube for the Yoga lessons.

Video titles or text over video is a great way to make YouTube thumbnails stand out and draw in viewers. It also helps with text that’s hard for people who see only one frame at a time, like me.

Yoga with Jessica is all about consistency. Every of her YouTube video has the same basic structure as an instructor in the center, backed by the significant, bold text that tells you what she’s saying every step of the way.

Collection of Yoga videos served as a course lesson.

3. Dave and Ava

Dave and Ava – Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs uses data to tell engaging, creative, and fun stories. Their YouTube thumbnails are colorful and bright and with eye-catching titles that include the full video name to pique your interest. You can use an animation feature to make your thumbnail stand out. Find a unique color scheme and font combination that suits your needs.

Many videos from the great playlist of Dave and Ava.

Their ranking in the search engine is due to this unique formula that helps them stand out from other companies. The keyword they use ranks the channel higher.

The favorite video of kids from Dave and Ava.

Same keyword that ranks other videos too:

Two videos with bright colors and great characters for the kids to watch.

Dave and Ava have more viewers because of a good YouTube thumbnail. The number of views every video gets is also significant, with Dave and Ava having much more watchers.

4. DIY Creators

DIY Creators is the perfect place to go if you want step-by-step instructions on how your project will look. You’ll find plenty of videos that show what it takes, so there’s no guessing or wondering required.

A modern example to build great design pieces.

DIY Creators is the perfect place to go if you want step-by-step instructions on how your project will look. You’ll find plenty of videos that show what it takes, so there’s no need to guess or wonder.

Two great thumbnails for some architectural videos.

The images are clear and professional, focusing on the DIY project instead of simply showing off what can be done.

How to Make an Eye-Catching Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos

Choose YouTube Thumbnail Templates

The best way to create a YouTube thumbnail is by using an external tool. You can either sign up for an account or log in so your design will be autosaved, type “YouTube thumbnail” into the search bar, and explore hundreds of professional templates.

Customize Your Layout

Try out various design tools in the video thumbnail maker to get a more personalized look. Upload your snapshots, add custom fonts and play around with color schemes before you upload it onto YouTube for all of us viewers to see.

Make Extra Edits

Animate the elements on your blank canvas or change their arrangement to make your graphic design stands out. You can also use icons, stickers, and illustrations from our media library for YouTube thumbnails.

Download Your Design

When you’re finished editing your video, click the Download button and choose one of these available formats to save an awesome YouTube thumbnail. Now it’s time for publishing.

When uploading content onto YouTube, make sure that both thumbnails are aesthetically pleasing and informative so people can easily find what they need in this vast ocean known as information overload today.

The Best Online YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Who said you couldn’t be creative with design? Here are some excellent tools for making your awesome thumbnails.

  1. Canva

Canva is the ultimate tool for anyone looking for an online YouTube thumbnail maker to create their designs or for quick inspiration. With Canva, you may search through YouTube thumbnail templates to get immediate results and then upload your own images as a YouTube thumbnail.

Creating YouTube Video Thumbnails by Canva.

Personalizing your YouTube thumbnail makes your videos more clickable, so we recommend uploading custom images for this purpose.

Personalized YouTube Video Thumbnail by Canva.

To make a perfect thumbnail stand out, change the backgrounds, and make click-worthy video titles for your thumbnails in your YouTube thumbnail creator. Canva offers thousands of fonts, so finding one that suits is easy. Their library has over 1 million assets to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect graphic elements for your YouTube thumbnail.

Canva is a simple, free-to-use design platform with intuitive mouse-driven functionality for professional designers. However, some assets are only available to premium users who pay a small fee instead of using free ones with limited premium features.

2. Snappa

With Snappa, you may instantly make professional YouTube thumbnail templates for all social media platforms. Make a few clicks and watch as your desired size is automatically generated for your YouTube thumbnail design.


Snappa is the great online graphics in a snap.

Then you can choose from a selection of professionally designed templates or create your own. From the million photos available to custom YouTube thumbnail templates, Snappa has what you need. The quality of your video is only as good as the aesthetics. Get creative with these incredible stock images and videos to ensure that you deliver top-notch content.

The options are limitless with this platform. With a free YouTube Thumbnail Maker, you can create a perfect YouTube thumbnail in just seconds. All it takes is your desired YouTube thumbnail dimensions and file formats to get the perfect YouTube thumbnail size.

Logos that you can use from the Snaps on your pictures.

Downloading the YouTube thumbnail is a great way to show off your work. It’s like being able to offer others access and an opportunity for inspiration.


Visme, one of the best YouTube thumbnail makers, is a tool that helps you make a YouTube thumbnail for free. You can also use it for infographics and other visual content. To start with Visme get on the social graphics website in your browser completely free:


Create great social media graphics in a very short time with Visme app.

Visme is one of the easiest-to-use YouTube thumbnail-maker tools that you can use to create everything from infographics to pintables or stunning thumbnails. Click on the social graphics tab for inspiration on the text and design elements. Also you can choose from a variety of customized templates or build your own thumbnail by hand. The templates are easy to customize, although you only have a limited selection of graphics and fonts.


Daisy Hoda, is a freelance copywriter with experience in the Social Media world and a perfectionist when it comes to Youtube SEO services.

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